I Love People Who Don’t Think They Are Going To Get Hit

I covered this a bit when Snooki got cold cocked back in that bar on Jersey Shore, but you have to love people, especially women, who really believe that no one is going to hit them no matter what they say.  Snooki learned that one the hard way.

Damn, that still isn’t right. But it ended all that finger snapping, neck rolling nonsense quick, fast, and in a hurry.  Here is one of my favorites.  You’ve got to realize that the mama bear is not going to let anyone attack her cub.

You can tell, she didn’t know it was coming because she decided to turn away.  I like how mom didn’t even say anything either.  She just pushed ol girl to the side to make room, then rolled out.

This is the new classic though.  Peep how the woman breaks out this crisp backhand like he deserved it and knocked my mans glasses off.


There was a full on stunner when he got her back too.  She reacted like a little baby that falls down.  Hit…long pause…moment of realization while you wonder if hey are actually hurt…cry of pain.  The most hilarious part is the way the cop is still ducking and dodging at the end so he doesn’t get hit again.  Not as good as “Santa whoops a Thug” from yesterday, but still high quality.