UvT Trendwatch: The High Top Fade

We are starting something new here at Us Versus Them. This place is more than a blog, it is a lifestyle. Team Us is real and it is time to apply the rules to everything. I know Team Us probably doesn’t think about fashion too much, but there are definitely rules to the game. We are here to help. There was a trend that has been pushing its way through for a few years now, but I just chose to ignore it.  But you can always see new trends coming in the NBA, and this one can’t be ignored.  The High Top Fade.

Brandon Jennings started rocking a season or two ago, so did a few kids on the Tennessee B-Ball squad. Cats are going all out too. They have the cuts in their eyebrows, the parts on the sides, everything. I rocked a high top fade through the mid 90’s. I had the full on high top, rocked it to the slope, but never went with the gumby. My Nilla Lake hit me up today and reminded me that the real turrible version of the high top fade was the white high top fade.  There was the Vanilla Ice.

He was rocking it in 1990, but gave it up before Y2K. He had to, that hairline was retreating.

There was the MC Serch.

His joint was official too, no hair gel, just a tall cut and a dream. But even he figured out he needed to let it go. Gas Face Dropped in 1989, I feel like Serch let the hightop go in the mid 90’s.

The one thing about trends is that they always come back in style. There are always those who just try to ride a trend through, never letting go until it comes all the way back. You want to know who stayed strong? Chris Mullin. Chris Mullin hit the league in 1985 and dropped right into the high top fade.

Then retired from the league in 2001, and…was still rocking the high top fade.

Rocking it high and tight too, how does it stay up? Now he is on ESPN and if you turn on the TV RIGHT NOW, he is rocking…a high top fade.

That brother in the back has the stank face because he can’t believe how tight Chris Mullins line up is. Chris rode it all the way out. Unfortunately for him, no one is coming with him.  While brothers have brought back the high top fade, the white boy fade is not making a comeback. No one has made the leap.

Dammit, I’ve been wrong before and I guess I’m wrong now. It is coming back. Pauly D and the blowout are leading the way. Chris Mullin is a trendsetter. Let’s see Pauly D keep it up until 2034 though, THEN I’ll be impressed.