March Madnass 2012: The Brackets Are Set!

It is time to kick off March Madnass 2012. You will have 48 hours to vote for the first round and I’ll overlap them for the next few days. Here are the four divisions and I should be able to get the first division up later today with links and the polls attached.

I’m sure the seedings will not keep everyone happy, but that’s part of the fun. Vote for your favorite early and often and the seedings won’t matter as much. My part in this game is over now, it’s all in the crazy ass-obsessed hands of Team Us now.


Assnosis Division:


1 Claudia Sampredo
2 Vida Guerra
3 Carol Seleme
4 Sofia Vergara
5 Rosa Acosta
6 Padma Lakshmi
7 Tahiry
8 Meagan Good
9 Christina Milian
10 Freida Pinto
11 Jessica/Miss Rabbit
12 Jesikah Maximus
13 Nicole Mejia
14 Amber Rose
15 Emily B
16 Tammy Torres
See It From The Front Division:
1 Laura Dore
2 Esther Baxter
3 Kim Kardashian
4 Vanessa Veasley
5 Ayisha Diaz
6 Brooklyn Decker
7 Olivia Munn
8 Adriana Lima
9  Joanna Pena
10 Marisa Elise
11 Diora Baird
12 Minka Kelly
13 Nilanti Narian
14 Rosee Divine
15  Nicole Sherzinger
16  Jackie Guerrido
Round of Applause Division:
1 Rihanna
2 Jade Wifey
3 Chiquinquira Delgado
4 Issa Bayaua
5 Diana Levy
6 Megalyn Echikunwoke
7 Jessica Biel
8 Inez Sainz
9 Brenda Lynn
10 Alyssa Jerry
11 Charm Killings
12 Cristine L
13 Ajia Nicole
14 Jolina Bonita
15 Maya Michelle Rew
16 Mercedes Hawkins

Hell Yeah F’n Right Division
1 Kate Upton
2 Bria Myles
3 SueLyn Medeiros
4 Emanuelle Chiriqui
5 Brittany Ireland
6 Dania Ramirez
7 Ophilia
8 Britney Dailey
9 Draya Michelle
10 Sophie Turner
11 Paula Patton
12 Melyssa Ford
13 Jessica Burciaga
14 Melanie Iglesias
15 Sidney Lauren
16 Kamille Leai

UvT Quality? Nicki Minaj

Man, people have been begging Lake and I to take a look at Nicki Minaj.  G the Intern hit us up everyday for about a week.  Running up in the spot like “y’all see this?”, “is she bad?”, “can she rap?”, “did you see angle 2”?  Well damn G, I guess after all the hard work you put in, this one is for you.


For those of you who have not been pestering us for this for the last three weeks, this is Nicki “Barbie” Minaj.  She’s down with Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew and as the only lady in the clique, I’m sure someone, somewhere has referred to her as the First Lady of Young Money.  In my estimation, female rappers are at an automatic disadvantage, I haven’t run too many female rappers in the rotation.  MC Lyte, Rah Digga, Pre-Crazy Lauren Hill, and Lil’ Kim are the only ones who have ever dropped albums hot enough to stay in the player.  But Nicki actually has a unique style.

I ain’t gonna lie.  That’s hot.  “I’m a big deal, that’s why I get more head than a pig tail?” decent.  She was hot in that BET cypher too.  I don’t know if I could stand that squeaky voice for too long, but she knows how to use it.  But we’re not here to talk about her rap skills.  We’re here to find out if she’s UvT quality.  Let’s start with the intangibles?  Does she have attitude?


Check.  She’s got the shawt shorts too.  Can she doll it up?


Superheroed up with the thunder thighs.  Although that super dark line between her legs and those sharp outlines on those thighs makes me thing there is some photoshop magic going on here.  Can she drop it like it’s hot?

Nicki Minaj

I see she is inspired by Lil Kim, but then again who isn’t?  Now after all of that there is still one question that needs to be answered.  Intern…this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Give the UvT Nation what they have been waiting for…Angle 2!


I’m not gonna lie.  Miss Nicki is working with something, even in that turrible Coogi dress.  So what is better, her rap skills or the body?  Is Nicki Minaj UvT quality?  I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t seen anything not to like, but she’s not killing the game to me.  I’m placing her on the borderline.  She’s still got work to do to get off the fence.


Battle of the Us Versus Them Favorites: Kim Kardashian vs. Amber Rose

Us Versus Them picks favorites and we don’t make any excuses for it.  Early on we came with Kim Kardashian, and now we are on an Amber Rose appreciation streak. So here it is, the old school vs. the new school, Amber Rose vs. Kimmy K.  To be the best, you’ve got to beat the best…Christina Milian has been eliminated because we are still hating upset over her marriage and being knocked up by that turrible cat Dream.

So let’s start with Amber Rose:

Amber Rose

Only she (and maybe Rihanna) could pull off a robot catsuit from the original Battlestar Galactica.  You’ve either got to have killer confidence or be slightly crazy to see this joint and say…yeah, that is for the red carpet right there.

Amber Rose 2

Angle 1.8 still brings the heat too.  This is a no draws special right here.  I didn’t see any shots of the pure tail game, but we already know what she’s working with.

Amber Rose

Now see, she always pushes it too far.  Why is she going with the crazy zombie eyes?  That shit ain’t cute.  Could you really hit if she was staring at you with those contacts in?  I’m just saying, I still would, but I wouldn’t like it (as much).  I’d just flip it to the back…and I’d be cool again.

Next up Kimmy K.


Bang.  That is all woman right there.  I mean, I have to be a little skeptical that the pic is still on the computer.  Is that actually still in photoshop?  I’m not saying that she’s airbrushed out, but she is tucked in to all the right places right there.  That J, Waist, Hip game is killing it right now.


I take it back, that might not be touched up.  The hips are out there putting pressure on those waist bands like a champ and the legs are looking a little thickums.  She knows the poses that work for her though and a little baby oil can make up for a lot of issues. That stomach game is tight though.

I’m gonna call this one a draw since Amber Rose went a little too far left on this one, she can bring more heat than that. Who does the rest of Us have?