Ann Romney The Stay At Home Mom…Sheeeeeeeeit

I thought all hell was going to break lose last week when Hilary Rosen called B.S. on Ann Romney for talking about women, jobs, and economics when she said “She’s never worked a day in her life.”

Ann Romney scored a big “gotcha” moment when she said, she decided to be a stay at home mom. Of course, you can’t talk shit about a stay at home mom, moms are bulletproof. Once you push a person out of your sweet lady parts, you’ve pretty much got a trump card for life.  So everyone rushed to support Ann Romney’s decision. Hilary picked the wrong words, and somehow got buried for it, but we all know what she was trying to say. What she should have said was, Ann Romney was born with money and married money. Anytime she’s decided to (she should have dropped some heavy air quotes here )”Work” it was by choice, not by necessity. She’s never had to make the hard financial decisions that most American women make because she’s sitting on a quarter billion right now.

That’s actually a legit point. Instead we’re talking about how hard of a job being a stay at home mom is. Here’s the thing. Look at this family.

My bad, wrong picture. Here’s her real family.

Holy shit! She’s got more kids and grandkids than the fake ass joke picture. Do you know how much sex you have to have to have that many people in one family? The book of Mormon must not allow a day of rest. Sundays are reserved for getting it in.

Here’s my thing. Let’s say Ann Romney did decide to stay at home. Have you ever been around FIVE kids? Five. You think a woman with five kids is going to take care of all those kids by herself? Have you ever been around five kids? Wait, even better, do you think a woman with five kids and sitting on a few hundred million dollars isn’t going to have a nanny or three on staff?

There aren’t any rich people taking care of five kids on their own. You aren’t loading up kids and running them to school, soccer practice, back to the house, church, pick up another two kids, do some homework and tuck everyone in. Nah. Ann Romney had nannies stacked up. That’s the funniest thing about this whole “controversy”. Is that there is a woman somewhere who is watching Ann Romney wave the flag of the stay at home mom, meanwhile she’s thinking “That chick wasn’t with me when I was getting shot in the face with water guns and cleaning up poop”.

She’s out there somewhere. And she’s got a big “bitch please” ready for Ann Romney next time she sees her.