Tracking: Hump Day

I know Wednesday is hump day, but Friday is a great day to celebrate.

Hit the m*thafuckin track.

And take a look at this.

I just made myself laugh and I knew what was coming.


Tracking: Murdoch Pie

UPDATE: A Lot of new people coming in for Tracking. Here are the quick rules: Hit play on the music, check out the picture. Learn how to make your own below.


How could I not Track this one? It’s too good.

Then press play below for the music:



You can do some Tracking on your own, here’s how.

Find a picture.

Find some music.

Put them together.

Tweet it and mark it #tracking

I’ll put the best ones on this site. Hell I might need a Tracking Tumblr.


Planking Fail + Tracking

Planking is a problem. It got hot so quickly it seems to have already cooled off.¬† Not before some people tried to plank on things they didn’t understand. Ovens for instance. Just because ovens don’t move very often, doesn’t mean they can’t move. You should really understand how the things in your house work. Especially if you are going to do something stupid. So I decided to add a little Tracking.

Check ol girl.

That could have been much, much worse. She’s lucky she wasn’t baking cookies and that she naturally ended up on that little gap on the left.



Throwing Down the Tracking Gauntlet

Tracking is picking up steam. MRod dropped a nice one. A site called “Downfall of Society” dropped one on their site. I’m getting them in my email. We’re going to make this a damn movement if it kills me. I’m about to drop a bandwidth hogging, multi picture Tracking post to set the tone this week. Hit the track.

I’ll give you some John Wall:

Blast you with some Beiber:

Charles Barkley wants some:

Drew Stanton is getting the football version:

And finally, the atomic bomb. Kate Upton:

That girl is fine. Was she in March Madnass? She’s having an epic year.

Tracking keeps rolling. Get with it. Shoot me some suggestions in the comments and I’ll post them on the front page.


On review, with music. I like how Charles keeps it smooth on this one.

Serena Williams: Tracking and Uhhhhhh Damn!

I’m not a huge Espys guy. Sure, Give athletes some awards. Give them a night. But was Espy a person? Is it just the ESPN Awards? Should I call ours the Uvtys? How would I even pronounce that if I did?

Well, the Espys keep things light and Seth Meyers is pretty funny, but the only sports awards that really matter are the Championship trophies, rings, and Hall of Fame Sportcoats.

But last night an epic moment occurred on the show. As rare as a total eclipse of the moon. Hell it really was like a total eclipse of the moon. Serena Williams showed up and tore the house down. Out front she had the J’s out and no one quite realized something was about to go down.

Hey, I’m not a J man, but Serena really came to play on this one. She went with the gravity defying version. I’d accuse her of pushing them together somehow, but right now it looks like a suspension bridge with no wires. The J’s being attracted to one another like magnets.

Then Serena just strolled off like nothing ever happened.

But things were happening. People thought she presented alone, but the presenters in the program were actually listed as Serena Williams, and Serena Williams’ Ass.

The real magic happened when you see it in motion. It looked like Serena was standing still and her ass was trying to propel her forward. Rear wheel drive. Like a Porsche, her engine is actually in the back.

So of course, you know I can’t drop any motion without turning it into the new internet phenomenon, Tracking. I gotta lay a beat down on it.

I think that says it all.


“Tracking” – GIF+Music – It’s on Now

Oh man, we’ve really started something now. On Monday I dropped a post about Gif+Music, and needed a name. Jonny Durango from Code2Ave came up with “Tracking”, short for Soundtracking. The homey MRod met the challenge and dropped a bomb over on his site. Then Jonny D dropped a post of his own over on Code2.

But Code2 associate El Capitan came back here to UvT and hit us with something so good I had to break my M-W-F post updating schedule and hit you with it immediately. Check this.

Hit this link (lyrics NSFW) then scroll down.

Check my man getting with it.

That right there…is hilarious. I’m gonna have to step my game up tomorrow.


New Meme: GIF + Music – “Tracking”

It started off so simple and it has become so much more. My homey MRod sent me a picture of a woman dancing.

I dropped a track on that joint.

And it was magic. She can’t be stopped. The nation was hypnotized.

MRod was inspired. He hit me with a new classic. Do me a favor. Press play on this song.

Now prepare to have your mind blown.

So now we are laying down a challenge. Us Versus Them is ready to become the internet leader at whatever the hell I just created. Anyone got any new suggestions? I’m about to start laying these down. MRod, the challenge is on! What you got?



We’ve got a name. “Tracking”, short for Soundtracking. [shout to Jonny D of Code2Ave]. Make your own and tag it #tracking on twitter.