Great Advertising: This is What We’re Thinking

Looking back, this week has been mostly about sex and advertising.  This is a little bit of both.  Condom ads seem to be wide open territory, and this is no exception.  Check these ads from Durex, and don’t miss the words on the figures.

They would have stuck the landing on that one if they also dropped a “wood” right next to that durex logo.

This guy has lost all control over everything but the matter at hand, and you can see where all his attention is.  All his brain power is otherwise occupied.

Then you have the grand finale.

See, dudes have all kinds of things on our minds.  Ladies, we get uncomfortable too, we just keep trying to hold it down once we find something that works.


Sexy Advertising

Sex sells and I’m down with it.  I like the little semi-local spots that really pull out all of the stops.  Like if you wanted to use sex to sell a pickle, what would you do?  Probably something like this…


Once you have a woman holding a huge pickle in her hand as she guides it into her waiting mouth…I’m thinking that the pickle juice drippings are just gratuitous.

Here’s a gym I’d like to join.


Damn David Barton!  You crankin out hooks like that?  I know this is photoshopped to hell, but that tail game is vicious.  The J game isn’t far behind either.  But you know good and well, that when you walk up into this spot, you’re gonna be catching a big eye full of this.


I need some more of that David Barton gym.


David doesn’t play and I guess he loves the thick black woman.  Luckily , I do too.  I don’t know how much work they put in at the gym, but they definitely put in work at the photoshoot.

Let’s not forget the king of over the top skanky sexy advertising.  Dov Charney and American Apparel.


If everyone else is selling sex, this dude is selling facking.  Gotta love him though.


More Ads: They Keep it Sexy Overseas

Yesterday I hit you with the product that “feels like a fireman comes in your mouth”.  But there is some other advertising that keeps it a little more classy.  You know how you introduce your kids to sex by telling them about the birds and the bees?  Well you might not to that anymore if you knew birds and bees were getting down like this.


I wonder if the bee is buzzed.


Hilarious.  My man is getting his stinger waxed.  Wait, if the both have stingers, is this a violation of Rule #1?


Not that bee bondage.  This has already gone too far.  This is what happens when I start posting this late and the big news of the day is Cassie getting butt naked.  It started going downhill first thing this morning and hasn’t gotten better.