Man Up Monday: That’s ILL

People thought Kim Jong Il was crazy when he was alive.

High top fade, stunna shades, Kim Jong Il was was a wild man. I still don’t understand how he kept North Korea on lockdown quite as tight as he has, but even more incredible is how he is still controlling his people after his death.

You all remember the video that came out of North Korea after the death of Kim Jong Il. People all over the country were devastated by the news.

They just couldn’t handle the death of their leader. Come to find out it was a mandatory mourning. That’s right the people of North Korea were told to participate in “organized weeping”. ‘Forget don’t cry for me Argentina’, this is ‘You better cry or you will be arrested and sent to a labor camp for six months.’


If I was that dude in the middle of the picture above who might be a little too much “I’m disappointed by this news”, and not enough, “Noooooooooo! WHYYYYYYYYY? No-oh-oh-oh-uhhhhhh”. He looks like he just signed up for labor camp for sure.

People get arrested for a lot of dumb things, but arrested for not crying hard enough is the worst way to go out. Does that get you street cred in the labor camps? When someone rolls up on you and asks “what you in for?” do they say, “you know how Kim Jong Il wanted us to cry when he died? I was like naaaaah. I’m just gonna sit here mildly disappointed. I’m not crying.” Talk about when keeping it real goes wrong. You gotta be a tough bastard to choose labor camp instead of dropping a few crocodile tears for the man who oppressed you your entire life. They had to know when the government asked them to cry that they meant business.

Forget Man Up, These dudes needed to Man Down. That’s gonna be a long six months.