Nicki Minaj is Ready to Launch: Massive Attack

According to my stats the top two searches are for “Nicki Minaj” and “Erykah Badu Ass”.  1. Now you know the kind of company you all keep.  2. I guess it is good to know why people like you.  Since I already covered Erykah’s tail piece a few days ago, I guess Nicki can get some more love.  Check out her new video Massive Attack.

I guess Nicki wanted to put the “booty pad” rumors to rest.  I don’t know if they can retouch video but Nicki is killing it in the jungle starting at the 2:30 mark.  I know my boy G the Intern is loving it.  He started calling for Nicki Minaj back in the day.  In fact, to make up for that fail tail from yesterday, I’ll drop some stills from the video with Amber Rose as an added bonus.

Amber Rose is really committed to that haircut.  I would have thought she would change it up by now.  There is a lot of thick going on right there.  Now for the proof that Nicki’s tail is all beef no filler.

No trickery there, I don’t even know where a pad might be lurking.  There is still more too.

I know this post if about Nicki Minaj, but I need some pure Amber Rose right now too.

I could find the angle I wanted, but that will have to do.

See you on Monday, I feel like between the Final Four and this terrible Hopkins v. Roy Jones fight, there is going to be plenty of man up material on the way.


UvT Quality? Nicki Minaj

Man, people have been begging Lake and I to take a look at Nicki Minaj.  G the Intern hit us up everyday for about a week.  Running up in the spot like “y’all see this?”, “is she bad?”, “can she rap?”, “did you see angle 2”?  Well damn G, I guess after all the hard work you put in, this one is for you.


For those of you who have not been pestering us for this for the last three weeks, this is Nicki “Barbie” Minaj.  She’s down with Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew and as the only lady in the clique, I’m sure someone, somewhere has referred to her as the First Lady of Young Money.  In my estimation, female rappers are at an automatic disadvantage, I haven’t run too many female rappers in the rotation.  MC Lyte, Rah Digga, Pre-Crazy Lauren Hill, and Lil’ Kim are the only ones who have ever dropped albums hot enough to stay in the player.  But Nicki actually has a unique style.

I ain’t gonna lie.  That’s hot.  “I’m a big deal, that’s why I get more head than a pig tail?” decent.  She was hot in that BET cypher too.  I don’t know if I could stand that squeaky voice for too long, but she knows how to use it.  But we’re not here to talk about her rap skills.  We’re here to find out if she’s UvT quality.  Let’s start with the intangibles?  Does she have attitude?


Check.  She’s got the shawt shorts too.  Can she doll it up?


Superheroed up with the thunder thighs.  Although that super dark line between her legs and those sharp outlines on those thighs makes me thing there is some photoshop magic going on here.  Can she drop it like it’s hot?

Nicki Minaj

I see she is inspired by Lil Kim, but then again who isn’t?  Now after all of that there is still one question that needs to be answered.  Intern…this is the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Give the UvT Nation what they have been waiting for…Angle 2!


I’m not gonna lie.  Miss Nicki is working with something, even in that turrible Coogi dress.  So what is better, her rap skills or the body?  Is Nicki Minaj UvT quality?  I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t seen anything not to like, but she’s not killing the game to me.  I’m placing her on the borderline.  She’s still got work to do to get off the fence.