Man Up Monday: The NBA Lockout

2011 is going to be known as the year of the lockout. Remember the NFL lockout from this summer? That felt like an outrage. The closer the NFL got to missing games, the more pressure there was. You just knew they were going to work it out. The NBA lockout doesn’t feel like that though. They already cancelled the first few weeks of the season and now they are talking about cancelling the Christmas games.

If I was the NBA I would take a look around and be really worried. Does anyone really care that the NBA season might not happen? I’m actually not that worried. Sure, sports are going to get really slow next April if the NBA doesn’t come back. Sportscenter will be talking about Olympic curling and the WNBA draft, and it will make the time period when we ONLY have baseball longer, but we will find a way to deal. I do have some questions for a few NBA players though.

Doesn’t LeBron James know it is going to be harder to get his 7 rings if he loses a year?

Hell, looking at LeBron’s hairline, my man might come back to the league rocking the forced baldy when he gets back. Just like Michael Jordan. You know the forced baldy right? There are men who shave their heads by choice, there are others who go with the baldy because they have no other choice.

Why is Derek Fisher working so hard for a decision in the lockout? Is it because he knows his career should have been over two seasons ago? If there isn’t a season this year, Derek Fisher will never play again.

My man in the back is covering his face because he is thinking about what Derek would look like on the court in 2013.

Doesn’t Glen Davis realize he might be about a 350 pound D cup if he doesn’t get back into an NBA camp soon?

Seriously, this lockout is an emergency situation for this kid. He’s always been big baby and that is WITH him on a basketball court for 82 games a year for the last 4 years. You give the dude a year off, and he’s gonna need his own wing in the locker room.

By the way, the lockout negotiations his all new levels of bullshit last week. I actually thought there was going to be some progress when the two sides met three times last week and really got those 16 hour days in. Then all of a sudden David Stern missed the meeting with a “flu” and all hell breaks out in the negotiations. The sides come back out of the room and suddenly the owners have ultimatums, suddenly everything they discussed on the previous two days gets thrown out…on the day David Stern isn’t there. Do the owners really think they are gonna finish this off with a big game of “Good Cop, Bad Cop?”¬† You know in the next meeting David Stern is going to come back to the meetings as the “good guy” who can “talk some sense into the owners” once he comes back. Come on Stern, we aren’t falling for that.

I know, I know, you had to try.

So NBA, you need to Man Up, the worst thing you can do is cancel the season and realize that no one cares. That might hurt. Let’s get it done and start heading for some December basketball. A shorter season might be more interesting anyway. A team with a few 6 game winning streaks is suddenly in the playoffs. A lot of squads might be able to make a 55 game sprint. That might make every game worth watching, instead of just the playoffs.

NBA…Man Up!