This Might Be the Last Time Christina Milian is Fine…Ever

Christina Milian is married and knocked up.  I’ve been in denial since it went down.  I ran “dip it low” on repeat for a few days, I watched “Bring It On: Seriously, they are still making Bring it On movies” on bootleg, and I reminisced about the good ol times and the perfect dimensions of the tail, thigh, and calf.  The closest I’ve ever come to admitting this reality is talking about the VIBE cover.  But Christina in preggers, and she was out a few weeks ago looking good.


Somehow the J’s have actually gotten bigger.  Goodness.  They used to be two perfect scoops and somehow now there is just…more.

Look, I’m not being mean here.  I’m just facing my own reality.  I have to admit, MILF Alba never brought the heat like pre-Cash Warren Alba.  It is just true.  Don’t get me wrong, she is still a 1 on the UvT Binary Scale of 1-0, but the luster is just not the same.  So Christina, I wish you the best.  We will always have this:



I still can’t believe she married the Dream.