Vanity Tag of the Day

So I’m on my way to UvT HQ this morning and am stopped at a light when I see this on the car in the next lane in front of me:


I think vanity tags are hilarious and I always like to figure them out when I see them, but you only have a few seconds to take it all in because you are driving so you never get to read them closely.  So I’m like “Hamster 8”?, “Hamstring 8″…the light turns green…”Hiemstraight, WTF is that”.

Then I pull up to the car and see this dude sitting there is this bright orange sweater and it clicks:

“Hate Em Straight”

That is the most gangster violation of Rule #1 I’ve ever seen.  I mean no rainbow stickers, no disco ball on the rearview mirror, just the license plate.  In fact, it is so aggressive it might not even be gay anymore.  For real that is the hardest gay shit I’ve ever…no homo…  I mean he really lets you know where he’s coming from…no homo again dammit…I’m just saying he’s going hard…awwwwww fuck it I’m out.


(By the way I was going to start a google search to try to find a picture to go with this post.  There is not a single search term I can think of that wouldn’t potentially ruin my entire morning.  Whatever I searched was going to turn out as the exact opposite of hitting Google’s “I feel Lucky” button.  So no pics this time.)