March Madnass: Ms. New Booty Division

The response has been tremendous, the results have been surprising, and apparently you cats are LOVING this competition.

Now that we have things working, I’m actually enjoying the debate. I like today’s competition as it is introducing some new blood into the discussion. The theme music matches the division this time. I present the Ms. New Booty Division.

Let’s get it.


1. Sidney Lauren

16.  Victoria Taylor (link somehow more NSFW than the others. A 4 on the UvT NSFW Scale. That is to say, she’s naked.)
2.  Lastarya

15. Nilanti Narian

3. Jade Wifey

14.  Brenda Lynn

4. Jesikah Maximus

13. Shanie Love

5.  Alexis Lugo

12.  Draya Michele

6. Lady Lavelle

11.  Tiara Harris

7.  Sheneka Adams

10.  Catya Washington

8. Esmeralda Luciano

9. Manuela Arbelaez


UvT Awards: UvT Quality Chick of the Year

This is usually the easiest post to write, but this year I’ve had a tough time coming up with this one.  I sent out a twitter poll a few weeks ago, I posted the nominees last week, I did a personal Google review to see if there was anything I missed, but still nothing jumped out.  Finally, I knew I just had to make a decision based on something.  There is so much parity in the UvT Quality chick game that I just don’t know how to call it.  There were no break outs this year.  There were no new comers like Rosa Acosta.  No game changers like Kim Kardashian.  No nude picture scandals like Rihanna, so I’ve got to go with the ladies that got the most reaction.  Sure, it may be a stunt but I know which two ladies got the biggest reaction this year.

That’s right, two ladies.

First up: Rachel McAdams

Sure, she isn’t the typical UvT Quality chick, but she wins for being the leader in Unexpected Arse of the year, and for providing the Zapruder film of Ass.  She dropped the film clip that provided more discussion and controversy than any clip this year.  I believe it is commonly known as the “Wobbely wobbely” clip.

Because I run this joint, I know you stared at that picture for a good 45 seconds before you read this line.  I know that this selection is going to bring up the whole “body double” controversy again, so I would like to note to Ms. McAdams that she must share this years award with her body double until she can provide clar and undisputed evidence that this is in fact her ass.  On the other hand, I would also like to let the body double know that she can steal the award with similar evidence that this is her tail.  Either way, I’m all for it.

Second, and this will be controversial as this clip never appeared directly on my site, but I’m pretty sure it has been the most requested video clip of the year.  LaStarya.

I know, I know.  I just gave the UvT Quality Chick of the year award to a damn near anonymous stripper and video chick.  She might be half a butterface, but I can tell you I’ve got more Direct Messages, IM’s, tweets, emails, and fist bumps for posting that video.  If you didn’t click on the link when I posted it before…and thousands of you did, here is what you were missing.

I believe that is what we refer to in the business as Next Level Shit.  Seriously, do any of you reading practice your job this hard when you go home int he evening?  Do you devote this much practice to your craft on weekends?  Do you have something, some skill as unique as this one and found a way to share it with the world?  No, no and no, you don’t.  That is why I am giving Ms. LaStarya an award for her gifts.

So yeah, the most outrageous stunts of the year got the Awards this year.  I’m looking forward to a breakthrough year in 2011.  I feel like someone is about to enter the scene that will capture our errrrr….minds as 2011 UvT Chick of the Year.