Kelis to Nas: “I hate you so much RIGHT NOW”

Kelis filed for divorce from Nas.


If you’ve paid much attention to this blog, you know that I pretty much can’t stand Nas.  In my view, he’s a real bullsh*t cat and has been for a long time.  His b*tchassness started to show up, oh, around his second album, It Was Written.  It’s not because I don’t like his music, actually I do (that album too).  Nah, it’s because he’s pretty much emblematic of everything that’s wrong with hip hop.  He’s a cat who has the intellect to be more than he actually is, but refuses to do so because he’s a lazy, narcissistic asshole who’d rather play the role of the intelligent gangster/thug gentleman. Yall know the type.


The dude who sold drugs, shot a few cats, but now that he’s made loot, is ultra sophistocated with hood bloodlines.  Meanwhile, most of these cats are thesbian arts school dropouts.


All in all, Nas is a lot like Allen Iverson, sure he got his, but he’s always left you wondering what could have been.  So I’m not shocked that Kelis, even knocked up with his seed, decided to leave his garbage ass.


Nas, she hates you so much right now…awwwwwww.  Anyway, let’s face it, when Kelis showed up naked all over the internet, that was the beginning of the end.



Nice tats though…(seriously)

– Lake