Kate Upton’s Boobs Defy Gravity!

I got this video link sent to be about a billion times over the last two days. I think a few people hit me on Twitter, email, Facebook, all that. We all know Kate Upton from her Dougie video. But now she’s doing another dance, I haven’t exactly seen this version before…but you know what I like it. Kate Upton, damn near naked, rocking the Cat Daddy.

I have to say my favorite part of the video is she really warms it up slow until the beat drops. Also, the chick goes hard as hell for these dances. I also don’t know where she got this level of confidence, but I think her J’s should have busted free from that top about four or five times during that video. She is committed to rocking these joints as hard as she can. That’s why you have to love cute girls, she’s not the worlds greatest dancer, but she is getting all the bonus points she can. Bonus, she was in Terry Richardson’s studio, so we get a few extra flicks out of the deal. There may be other sites that just hit you with the video, but you know here at Us Versus Them we go the extra mile. You can get more pics at Terry’s blog.

We have Kate with her Jay-Z, New York swag.

The her trademark “disappearing bikini bottom” shot.

I think Kate is actually lucky she doesn’t have hips or ass, or she wouldn’t be able to wear that bikini.

Also, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, and I’m not a dude who is into J’s, but damn.

Just damn. I look at it this way. I am the worlds leading purveyor of assology and she looks like she is wearing Coco T on her chest. So I see how I might get sucked into appreciating her appeal.



March Madnass Sweet Sixteen: Round of Applause and Hell Yeah F’n Right Divisions

Here are the rest of the ladies in the Sweet Sixteen of March Madnass.

This might be the tougher of the two divisions. Will America’s sweetheart, Kate Upton, have enough steam to keep it rolling? Jessica Burciaga is going to try to take her down. Is the Sports Illustrated cover model Team Us material? Especially when you are forced to see what is possible in looking at Jessica Biel? Only you can answer those questions. Vote below and let me know what you think. Voting up until Friday.

Round of Applause Division:

Chiquinquira Delgado vs. Jessica Biel






Issa Bayaua vs. Ines Sainz





Hell Yeah F’n Right Division:


Kate Upton vs. Jessica Burciaga





SueLyn Medeiros vs. Sophie Turner






March Madnass Round of 32: Hell Yeah F’n Right Division

This division is why Twitter is a great invention. uncut, behind the scenes pics are great. This division is full of blurry cam and phone pics. I actually like it. Voting starts now, the real competition starts in this round. These decisions are tougher than my basketball brackets.

Vote early, vote often, go ahead and get in there.



Kate Upton vs. Brittany Dailey

Bria Myles vs. Sophie Turner

SueLyn Medeiros vs. Paula Patton

Jessica Burciaga vs. Melyssa Ford

March Madnass 2012: Hell Yeah F’n Right Division

We have the final bracket ready. While I thought the other bracket needed a sex tape alert, SueLyn Medeiros also tried the “leak a sextape, and see if I get famous” trick too. Didn’t work. Has anyone gotten famous off a sextape since Kim K? I mean you don’t need a really famous guy, she used Ray J after all. Seems like a legitimate path to notoriety in a down economy.

On to the brackets:


There is a full on sextape alert for SueLyn Medeiros. If you are short on time and can only pick a few, Paula Patton video is great. Sophie Turner is the resident whooty and impressive, and I’m interested to know how Kate Upton does here at Us Versus Them. I will say that dougie is irresistible.


1. Kate Upton [video]

16. Kamille Leai [video]


2. Bria Myles [video]

15. Sidney Lauren [video]


3. SueLyn Medeiros [video]

14. Melanie Iglesias [video]


4. Emanuelle Chiriqui [video]

13. Jessica Burciaga [video]


5. Brittany Ireland [video]

12. Melyssa Ford [video]


6. Dania Ramirez [video]

11. Paula Patton [video]


7. Ophilia [video]

10. Sophie Turner [video]


8. Brittany Dailey [video]

9. Draya Michelle 


March Madnass 2012: The Brackets Are Set!

It is time to kick off March Madnass 2012. You will have 48 hours to vote for the first round and I’ll overlap them for the next few days. Here are the four divisions and I should be able to get the first division up later today with links and the polls attached.

I’m sure the seedings will not keep everyone happy, but that’s part of the fun. Vote for your favorite early and often and the seedings won’t matter as much. My part in this game is over now, it’s all in the crazy ass-obsessed hands of Team Us now.


Assnosis Division:


1 Claudia Sampredo
2 Vida Guerra
3 Carol Seleme
4 Sofia Vergara
5 Rosa Acosta
6 Padma Lakshmi
7 Tahiry
8 Meagan Good
9 Christina Milian
10 Freida Pinto
11 Jessica/Miss Rabbit
12 Jesikah Maximus
13 Nicole Mejia
14 Amber Rose
15 Emily B
16 Tammy Torres
See It From The Front Division:
1 Laura Dore
2 Esther Baxter
3 Kim Kardashian
4 Vanessa Veasley
5 Ayisha Diaz
6 Brooklyn Decker
7 Olivia Munn
8 Adriana Lima
9  Joanna Pena
10 Marisa Elise
11 Diora Baird
12 Minka Kelly
13 Nilanti Narian
14 Rosee Divine
15  Nicole Sherzinger
16  Jackie Guerrido
Round of Applause Division:
1 Rihanna
2 Jade Wifey
3 Chiquinquira Delgado
4 Issa Bayaua
5 Diana Levy
6 Megalyn Echikunwoke
7 Jessica Biel
8 Inez Sainz
9 Brenda Lynn
10 Alyssa Jerry
11 Charm Killings
12 Cristine L
13 Ajia Nicole
14 Jolina Bonita
15 Maya Michelle Rew
16 Mercedes Hawkins

Hell Yeah F’n Right Division
1 Kate Upton
2 Bria Myles
3 SueLyn Medeiros
4 Emanuelle Chiriqui
5 Brittany Ireland
6 Dania Ramirez
7 Ophilia
8 Britney Dailey
9 Draya Michelle
10 Sophie Turner
11 Paula Patton
12 Melyssa Ford
13 Jessica Burciaga
14 Melanie Iglesias
15 Sidney Lauren
16 Kamille Leai

Throwing Down the Tracking Gauntlet

Tracking is picking up steam. MRod dropped a nice one. A site called “Downfall of Society” dropped one on their site. I’m getting them in my email. We’re going to make this a damn movement if it kills me. I’m about to drop a bandwidth hogging, multi picture Tracking post to set the tone this week. Hit the track.

I’ll give you some John Wall:

Blast you with some Beiber:

Charles Barkley wants some:

Drew Stanton is getting the football version:

And finally, the atomic bomb. Kate Upton:

That girl is fine. Was she in March Madnass? She’s having an epic year.

Tracking keeps rolling. Get with it. Shoot me some suggestions in the comments and I’ll post them on the front page.


On review, with music. I like how Charles keeps it smooth on this one.