Biting Our Style: Chad Ochocinco

Now see, you try to do something for the people, and some big celebrity comes along and jacks your style.  Lake and I have been working on the 100% guaranteed Ho Brand Condoms for years and finally hit the streets two months ago.  You know we stay between you and those hos.  We had the nilla please technology, all that.  Lake even broke it down here.


We gots clip art and all that.  You know we keeps it real.  But now Chad Ochocinco gets a twitter feed and a iPhone App and all of a sudden he thinks he can jack our style.


First of all, the box ain’t long enough to answer that question, OK Chad?  Second of all, this is a blatant jack!  Damn near same box angle and everything.  I like that you get 85 in a box, but do you have a 100% effectiveness guarantee? do ya Chad?  No.  No you don’t.  And what do people really want out of a condom if it isn’t that guarantee?  I don’t need you to catch everything my Johnson shoots…these hos can do that.  I need you to keep everything from shootin my Johnson. Knawmsayin?

Of you want to get together and support the superior Ho Brand Condoms holla at us, we need a spokesperson.