Man Up Monday: World Peace

World Peace should be our goal. Everyone living in perfect harmony across the world. No more worries about North Korea and their rockets that blow up waaaaaay before they are supposed to. No more crazy dictators in leisure clothing. No more raising money to save kids with uzis. World Peace should always be the goal.

But world peace took a big hit this week. Correction world peace give a big hit this week.

You gotta love a dude who names himself “World Peace” can drop a Jonny Bones Jones like elbow after a dunk. Immediate flagrant 2 violation. James Harden knocked out with a concussion. World Peace hit James Harden so hard the announcer immediately¬†started calling him Ron Artest again. Announcers have been flawlessly referring to Artest as World Peace no matter how ridiculous it was. One punch and he’s Ron “Queensbridge” Artest again.

Let’s see. Ron Artest got suspended for an entire season back with the Pacers a few years ago and Delonte West got a $25,000 fine for a Wet Willy last week (Who does that?). So based on that, this elbow will cost Artest 3 seasons and $1.2 Million.

I’m thinking Ron Artest chose the name “Metta” because it means “loving kindness”. I guess even World Peace can’t stand up to the power of Queensbridge. World Peace needs to Man Up. If World Peace can’t over come the troubled mind of Ron Artest, the rest of the world doesn’t have a chance.