JLo Is A Tease

Now Jennifer Lopez is a booty icon from way back. She’s been bad for a long, long time and she can still really bring the heat.

You know what the fellas here at Us Versus Them want. They need that Angle 2.

Wait a minute. The cameraman didn’t think it was a good idea to take one step to the right? Wasn’t he checking his shots as he went? Or is J.Lo’s tail so large that no matter how far you stepped to the right you couldn’t get to the curvature of the tail. Maybe, it’s like the curvature of the Earth. J.Lo’s ass is so big, you can’t see where it ends so it appears to be flat. Maybe the photographer needs to launch into the stratosphere to get the right shot.

Wait a minute, I just found the money shot.

Propped up on the table no less.

That’s still in the tail piece hall of fame.