Rihanna has the Best Vacations Ever

I believe I’ve finally reached the point where I actually enjoy Rihanna’s vacations more than I enjoy my own. Why? Because she tweets out bikini pictures that are better than any photoshoot she’s ever been in. Like this:

Just hanging in the water, ass out, about to get her surf on. Gotta love an international superstar who is still willing to break out the butt cheeks for the whole world. Haven’t seen JLo’s butt cheeks since the mid 90’s.

Or this one:

I believe this was captioned “shaking it up to Rick Ross”. I’ve never liked Rick Ross’s music more than at this moment.

She even hits the gym on vacation.

If I ever hit the hotel gym and this was waiting for me the workout would be cancelled.

Yes, she had a third swimsuit in the collection.

I include this picture only because Chris Breezy and I have seen this pose before…somewhere…hmmm…

So here’s to my best vacation ever. Love and kisses.