Fried Turkey: Get With It

Long about 15 hours from now, I will be digging into some deep fried cajun goodness.  I know most of you have a momma who is going to be waking up at 5am to drop a turkey in the oven that will be in there all day long and hit you with that good old home style turkey.  There is a place for that, I’ll get with that too, but you’ve got to supplement it with this:

That’s right.  Whip out five gallons of oil, some cajun seasoning, a propane tank and some open flame and you can get a 12 pounder done in long about 55 minutes.  And let me tell you it is as delicious as it looks.

If you are a rookie you might end up with this:

I know it is supposed to be cajun style, but “cajun” is not code for “burnt”.  It is not supposed to be blackened.  The crazy thing?  That joint above is probably still delicious.

Oh, and don’t be stupid.  If your grease overflows the cooker and falls into that open flame of the burner, which is connected to a 20 pound tank of propane gas…you might die.

I mean you are basically cooking in napalm.  If shit goes wrong, you are completely screwed.  The deliciousness is soooo worth it though.  I’m getting hype right now.  I might go get a McDonald’s Sweet tea just to get my mind right.