Classic Man Up Monday: Rodney King 20 Years Later

I had to go back for a classic Man Up Monday. The Rodney King verdict and the LA riots happened 20 years ago. Rodney caught the original video camera beatdown.

I can’t hate on Rodney for that beatdown, he definitely caught a nasty beatdown from LAPD. The question isn’t how he handled the beatdown. The question is how many beatdowns did the LAPD hand out before this got captured on tape. If UvT was around 20 years ago though, I’m pretty sure Rodney still would have caught a Man Up Monday for this one.

I like the message, but that s-curl combover is pretty turrible.

Now that everyone has a video camera in their pocket, people forget how committed you had to be 20 years ago to catch something on video tape. This wasn’t clicking something on your cameraphone. In 1992, the dude who caught this video had to roll out on his balcony with one of these bad boys.

That joint is taping straight to an old school VHS right there. You’ve got to be committed to roll around with that joint.

Forget the Rodney King tape, you had to be a real player to get a homemade sextape back in the day. There is no secret video taping a sextape. If you wanted a sextape 20 years ago, you had to set up a tripod, get the lighting right, make sure the tape was rewound all the way to the beginning, plug that joint in, get your focus right. I’m guessing you needed a willing partner too.

Side note ladies, with the advent of pocket video taping I’m going to put the chances you’ve got a sextape out there at about 40%. Sorry, but it’s true.


Columbia Looks Like A Lot of Fun

The Columbia Secret Service Scandal just won’t stop. Late last week the pictures of the lady in question came out. Let’s review, shall we?

You know what? I’m not mad at that. Nothing worse than setting off a national scandal for prostitution in a secure American government hotel room and releasing pictures that look like this.

Then it is a double violation. There is no greater offense than going down for a chick who just wasn’t worth it. Us Versus Them rule number 237, if you are gonna go down for a major violation, at least take a big swing.

I have to imagine that looks like the perfect woman after a hard day of work and a few drinks. Plus we all know vacation in Columbia is a lot of fun, even Hillary Clinton got in on it.

So the next official Us Versus Them event will be down in Columbia. Hillary and I are picking up the beer. Hookers are on you.