Man Up Monday: Duke Blue Devils

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I have to keep it real on this one. Duke with Kyrie Irving was ready to run the table and win those back to back championships.  But now, we had a chance to win the ACC championship by beating the damn Carolina Tarheels. What did we do instead? Catch a beatdown.  It was terrible, wire to wire, terrible. Kyle, the dribble drive isn’t getting it done, neither is that outside shot. You are KILLING us dude.

Pissed. Duke. Man Up, the time is now. DO NOT lose to a BS team in that ACC tourney. Kyrie, we need you back homey.

By the way, there might be some troubles in Miami.

Four losses in a row? The Heat are falling apart when it counts. That sucks fellas. Get it together. Man Up.


If You Hate Duke, This Isn’t Going to Help

In case you forgot, the defending national champs are back.  Kyle Singler can apparently hit a shot from anywhere.

Look, say what you want, Coach K is starting a brother named Kyrie.  Is there a better indication that this is a new day at Duke?


Thanks to Turd Furguson for hitting me with the link.  Check him out over at his spot.

The Champ is Here! Duke Blue Devils

Somewhere a fire burns on West campus, tomorrow morning there will not be a single scrap of a wood bench left on campus because Duke has won the national championship.

Damn it feels good to be a Blue Devil right now.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect a championship out of this team.  I barely liked watching them play earlier this year.  But they started to D up, they started to rip those rebounds, the “big 3” started to step up, we split the ACC regular season title, we won the ACC tourney, we beat Carolina twice (yes that counts), and we just got that national championship.  I’m watching this Sportscenter with them running everything back over and over again.  Seriously, when I saw this team photo this year, to you think I was focused on a national championship?

Scheyer and Lance look like they are ready to whoop ass though.

How is this team going to be remembered though?  Great fundamentals?  And example of why seniors need to stick around?  A team who “The Man” wanted to win by giving us an easy bracket?  Does this make the haters hate us more?

Jay Williams knew how to handle the haters:

JJ Redick knew how to handle them:

And you know Christian Laettner knew:

By the way, everyone can hush up with all that Big East talk, all that parity talk, and all that Mid Major talk, the last two winners were ACC and the winner before that was Kansas.  These are legacy squads and the big boys still win.

Go Duke.  I’m about to be an asshole for the next 364 days.  Every argument I have for the next year is gonna end with “we’re the champs, shut the fack up”.


Dammit, where is Lake when you need him?  That dude made us endure game by game breakdowns and box scores for the first year and a half of this blog and he’s gonna miss the chip? Oh, and let’s go ahead and lock down some hot recruits for the next few years…thanks.

Man Up Monday: College Basketball

I don’t even know what to say.  I guess this is why they call it March Madness, but I don’t remember a tournament this exciting in a long, long time.  I wasn’t one of those people glued to the TV from Thursday at noon to Sunday night, but I saw plenty.  I think Cole Aldrich pretty much sums up how I feel about my bracket.

I mean what didn’t happen this weekend?  First Man Up goes to the Georgetown Hoyas.

Is there a team in the tournament who wasted their potential more than the Georgetown Hoyas?  Sure, they were streaky this year, but a 3 seed losing to a 14 seed?  Losing to Ohio with all that talent.  Now I love JTIII as much as the next man, but he clearly didn’t know how to get these boys ready.  Ohio and Tennessee were supposed to be the soft part of this bracket before they had to sack up and battle Ohio State and Kansas for the Midwest bracket, but now they are sitting at home while a 2, a 5, a 6 and a 9 seed battle it out for the top.  Which brings us to Kansas.

I don’t know what Rock Chalk means, but it sure looks sensitive as hell right now.  I’m sure all of the Kansas fans will continue to talk about how tough their bracket was, but they didn’t even get to the tough part. If they had held it together, they would be up against a not that great Michigan State team.  I’m not going to lie though, Northern Iowa was nails against Kansas though.  They weren’t scared and really went for the kill when they had the chance.

Man Up to everyone who was drinking the Kool-Aid and thought Siena was the pick of the tourney to upset Purdue.  All that shit talking got Purdue focused and handled business.  Speaking of handling business, who the hell is St. Mary’s, and where is that school located?

What is a “Gael”?  Is that girl cute?  I want to say “no”, but there is a tautness there I find intriguing.  Her uniform might just be tight though.

Who are these people, and how did they get into the sweet sixteen?

Now that my bracket is completely jammed up, I can focus all my efforts on rooting for Duke.  I don’t mind Purdue in the next round.  I think we can shut down their big men if we play well, and if we’ve got to turn around two days later, I don’t mind facing Baylor in the next round.  Actually, I’ll take St. Marys so we can have a “God vs. the (Blue) Devil showdown.  We’ve actually got a shot at getting to the Final Four this year…if we do I’ll be back here next week being a REAL asshole.  Lake might even show up again if that happens.  We’re looking to pimp slap hoes for the rest of the tourney.

Meanwhile, in UvT Tourney Challenge news.  You want to know who is positioned to win?  You want to know who is the highest ranking person left who doesn’t have Kansas winning.  You want to know who is still ranked at 99.4% nationally?  Last years winner Rosy F. M*therf*ckin’ baby.  Is this chick serious?  She PICKED ST. MARY’S!  If she wins I’m taking her to Vegas with me so we can make some money.

Man Up Kansas, Georgetown, Villanova, and New Mexico.  Oh and a side f-u to the Terps.  Go burn something you losers.  Maybe next year.


Duke Vs. Carolina

While I love the Duke – Carolina game, I’m not particularly hype for this game.  I feel like with the personnel we have, instead of a hype, fight it out game, it is going to be a glorified version of this:

Also, Duke is in a “can’t win” situation.  If we win, Carolina is having a down year.  If we lose, Duke looks bad and it adds to the legacy of the Duke – Carolina rivalry where you “have to throw records out”.

We better win.


That Ain’t Right: Why Does the World Hate Duke?

I blame Christian Laettner.  This picture pretty much sums up my opinion of Greg Paulus’ defensive ability during his tenure at Duke.


Dammit.  War baby Curry in 2010-11.


Man Up Monday: Duke Blue Devils


Usually, Man Up Monday is about someone who has already messed up.  This time I’m getting it in early.  Sure, some people think I should have busted out the Man Up Monday on the boys in blue two weeks ago when Carolina hammered us…again.  But I wasn’t ready.  Since then we’ve won five games in a row, we have a ACC championship banner to crank up into the rafters of Cameron Indoor Stadium.

So here’s the deal, our #1 and #3 seeds are still alive, that means next weekend we’re going to have to go through Nova and potentially Pitt to make it to the Final Four.  I’ve said Pitt is soft in the past, and they haven’t exactly been impressive over the last few days, but it doesn’t mean I want Duke to run into them.  I’ll take Xavier all day long on that one.  That would be a great prize for beating Nova.  So here is who I need to Man Up…


We’ve actally had a few games in a row where both of these guys show up and play in the same game.  Singler was killing me when he fouled out of the end of the Texas game.  Oh, and Lance Thomas fouled out too.  When your “big” guys are only 6’9″, you don’t need those kids to hit the bench.  I saw Nova play on Saturday and they looked pretty damn good.  Speed and size which is not what we want. But if Henderson is dunking on fools and Singler is doing whatever the hell he does during a game, we’ll be good.


Coach K needs to Man Up too.  Man Up and keep Greg Paulus on the bench.  Man Up and let the players cut loose.  Oh and if  we have the good fortune to have the lead with 5 or 6 minutes left, Man Up and don’t run the slow down offense too early.  Oh and if you can find some more brothers to play for the squad next year, that would be great.


Two more wins and I get to watch my squad in the Final Four live.  So I need them to Man Up and make it happen.  Because you know what happens if you don’t win, right?  You might end up in those streets, making money however you can.  You might have to turn to a lifestyle you aren’t prepared to lead.


Okay fine, Duhon has a day job, he just does lapdances for fun.  I hear he’s a wild boy.

Duke Blue Devils, Man UP!


Other random thoughts from the weekend:

Dikembe Mutombo is still in the league?

Roy Jones Jr. is still fighting (and winning) and defending a belt?

Everyone Is Making A Shoe These Days!

Lake dropped the “Kutter 2” on you yesterday.  But everyone is getting into the shoe game.  I’m a Nike guy myself.  So in honor of March Madness, let’s roll that Coach K.


Thank God they finally upgraded the Blue Devil.  The old school, big headed, soft Blue Devil was terrible.  True story, I ripped the goatee off the Blue Devil at a game.

He was messing with me man.  He’s lucky I didn’t knock his head backwards.