Man Up Monday: Duke Blue Devils

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I have to keep it real on this one. Duke with Kyrie Irving was ready to run the table and win those back to back championships.  But now, we had a chance to win the ACC championship by beating the damn Carolina Tarheels. What did we do instead? Catch a beatdown.  It was terrible, wire to wire, terrible. Kyle, the dribble drive isn’t getting it done, neither is that outside shot. You are KILLING us dude.

Pissed. Duke. Man Up, the time is now. DO NOT lose to a BS team in that ACC tourney. Kyrie, we need you back homey.

By the way, there might be some troubles in Miami.

Four losses in a row? The Heat are falling apart when it counts. That sucks fellas. Get it together. Man Up.


If You Hate Duke, This Isn’t Going to Help

In case you forgot, the defending national champs are back.  Kyle Singler can apparently hit a shot from anywhere.

Look, say what you want, Coach K is starting a brother named Kyrie.  Is there a better indication that this is a new day at Duke?


Thanks to Turd Furguson for hitting me with the link.  Check him out over at his spot.

The Champ is Here! Duke Blue Devils

Somewhere a fire burns on West campus, tomorrow morning there will not be a single scrap of a wood bench left on campus because Duke has won the national championship.

Damn it feels good to be a Blue Devil right now.  I’m not going to lie, I didn’t expect a championship out of this team.  I barely liked watching them play earlier this year.  But they started to D up, they started to rip those rebounds, the “big 3” started to step up, we split the ACC regular season title, we won the ACC tourney, we beat Carolina twice (yes that counts), and we just got that national championship.  I’m watching this Sportscenter with them running everything back over and over again.  Seriously, when I saw this team photo this year, to you think I was focused on a national championship?

Scheyer and Lance look like they are ready to whoop ass though.

How is this team going to be remembered though?  Great fundamentals?  And example of why seniors need to stick around?  A team who “The Man” wanted to win by giving us an easy bracket?  Does this make the haters hate us more?

Jay Williams knew how to handle the haters:

JJ Redick knew how to handle them:

And you know Christian Laettner knew:

By the way, everyone can hush up with all that Big East talk, all that parity talk, and all that Mid Major talk, the last two winners were ACC and the winner before that was Kansas.  These are legacy squads and the big boys still win.

Go Duke.  I’m about to be an asshole for the next 364 days.  Every argument I have for the next year is gonna end with “we’re the champs, shut the fack up”.


Dammit, where is Lake when you need him?  That dude made us endure game by game breakdowns and box scores for the first year and a half of this blog and he’s gonna miss the chip? Oh, and let’s go ahead and lock down some hot recruits for the next few years…thanks.

Man Up Monday: Brock’s Choice

First of All, I’m going to start by telling all the haters to Man Up.  Duke is back in the Final Four.

So break out the conspiracy theories about the easy bracket, add a layer of “who the NCAA wants to win”, and rub it down with some Coach K is in the with refs, and put some “I hate Duke” on top because we’re back in.  I’m not going to lie, I still feel like this team is a bit underwhelming, but wins are wins, four in a row get you into the final 4.  I’ll take it.  I wish we were on the bum side of the bracket with Michigan State and Butler, but I’ll still take it.

Second Man Up to all the people in the Us Versus Them Tourney Challenge.  Ya Boy Brock takes the top spot into the final weekend.  I don’t have a lot of points left, but I’ll take the opportunity to talk shit during my time on top.  Defending champ Rosy_F is out of points and done at this point so we will have a new champ.  I have Kansas winning it all, (I know, I know.  I’ve been damaged by underwhelming Duke teams in the past, what do you want from me?) so there is lots of opportunity for people to pass me, but for now suck it bitches!

Man Up to Frank Mir.  I mean damn, I actually feel bad for the dude.

He worked hard, tried to change the game, literally got his weight up and stacked on 30+ pounds of pure muscle and still caught a heavy handed beat down.  I mean Carwin finally caught him with a nasty uppercut that dropped him hard.  The big boys of the Heavyweight division are really big.  If you aren’t 265 you might as well not even show up and if you aren’t the “I walk around at 285” version of 265, you might want to think twice.  Brock and Carwin are backing me up in the argument that the UFC Heavyweight champ is the baddest man on the planet.  Those dudes can pretty much whoop anyone’s ass in the world.  Real monsters.

While I’m on the subject, Dan Hardy, who actually lost to GSP this weekend might be the toughest dude out.  I might stop telling people to Man Up every week and just start telling them to Dan Hardy.  Dan Hardy was in some nasty arm bars and he never tapped.  I mean he was willing to let his arm be broken before he tapped.  I credit a little bit of it to the fact that I don’t think GSP is a guy who would actually break an arm, but those locks were still pretty tight. Dan hardy goes hard.

Man Up to the Republican Party.

I know NONE of you agree with the health care bill.  I know you REALLY didn’t want it to pass.  I understand you are mad, but damn, use it to get some votes and see if the people agree with you in November.  You are really starting to just make your party look crazy.

Oh and by the way, the Tea Party is becoming the face of your party.  I know they try to pretend like they aren’t but most of those people are just racist.  When people are spitting on Black representatives and yelling homophobic slurs during a health care protest, I’m pretty sure they are reverting back to their core beliefs.  Oh and Sarah Palin is right in the middle of it whipping up the troops.  You all just look bitter.  Stop it.  It’s unbecoming.

Man Up!


Lost Lake Files: Another Day Another Blue Devils Recruit Picks Not Duke

Lake was a little disappointed when Duke didn’t land Harrison Barnes.  That is when he got off this gem.


Is anyone shocked here?  No.  Clearly when Hendo busted out for Not Senior Year at Duke, John Wall knew he had to go to UK.  And why not.  He can contend for a title there and nobody, not the Coach, Students, Administration, Fans, Ashley Judd, nary a person, cares if he EVER attends one single class at UK.  So John Wall goes to UK, balls with Jodie Meeks, Patrick Patterson and a bevy of hot recruits en route to a legitmate National Title run.  Hey, all I can say is that Coach K needs a MAJOR, MAJOR…..BIG TIME IMAGE CHANGE.


I know this dude is about as self assured and arrogant as anyone in Basketball.  And to some extent he’s earned that persspective.  But this Duke University Basketball, Home of the Best White Players in the Nation bullsh*t must stop.  Yep, I said it.  It’s not that white players aren’t good.  They are.  But when you all but totally rely on white players in a game that is DOMINATED by African Americans, well, you really suffer when those White players turn out to be just ok.

Case in point:






Look, all these guys are good players and would be decent in narrowly defined roles.  But they are NOT stars.  They cannot lead.  It’s time people started admitting that their presence, in large numbers, is bad for the image of Duke Basketball AND is contributing to the recruiting slump we’ve seen in recent years.  Sure, this guy was GREAT:


But everyone ain’t that guy.  Jeff Capel in 2015.. I said it (seriously).

– Lake

That Ain’t Right: Why Does the World Hate Duke?

I blame Christian Laettner.  This picture pretty much sums up my opinion of Greg Paulus’ defensive ability during his tenure at Duke.


Dammit.  War baby Curry in 2010-11.


The Post You’ve All Been Waiting For…

Duke got their asses Druuuuuuuuuug, the hell up out of the spot by Nova last night.  I mean, I think we got one open shot all night.  The CBS feed I was watching cut away from the game we were getting so blown out.  I mean did we reallywant Lance Thomas to have the ball in his hands all game?  Was that the gameplan?  All I want for Christmas is a post player?  Just one legitimate threat.  Thanks Coach.


Thinking about it?  Well, until next season…


We should actually have a decent squad next year.  If Henderson comes back. 


Everyone Is Making A Shoe These Days!

Lake dropped the “Kutter 2” on you yesterday.  But everyone is getting into the shoe game.  I’m a Nike guy myself.  So in honor of March Madness, let’s roll that Coach K.


Thank God they finally upgraded the Blue Devil.  The old school, big headed, soft Blue Devil was terrible.  True story, I ripped the goatee off the Blue Devil at a game.

He was messing with me man.  He’s lucky I didn’t knock his head backwards.