My (Second) Favorite Taser Video Ever

I’m a big fan of Taser videos this one is gangster as hell.

Dude takes the taser. DOESN’T drop his cigarette, and still gets in a quick “I’ll get you bitch” before he gingerly lowers himself to the ground.

Of course almost nothing can beat don’t tase me bro.

Five years later and that video is still great. Help! Help! Help! Are you kidding? Ow! Ow! Ow!


When Silky Hair Aint Enough

Maaayne, I feel bad for this cat Jayson Williams:


First he went and killed his damn limo driver on some bullsh*t. By the way, and just as an aside, is it just me or does his lawyer even think this cat has gone too far?  He’s really got that nilla please look on his face.  haa


Then he beat the rap and became a pariah.  Now homey is baracading himself into hotel rooms and catch cop tazers to the ass piece so they can keep him from offing himself.  Damn, who thought you could go from this:


To this:


I mean, damn, if I’ve said it once I’ve said it 1,000 times, drugs, guns and hair products never mix well.  I feel bad for my man.  He probably would have been better off just doing his time for killing the driver.  At least he wouldn’t be out here like OJ Simpson Jr. hated and tazed the F out.  Sad.

– Lake