March Madnass 2012: Hell Yeah F’n Right Division

We have the final bracket ready. While I thought the other bracket needed a sex tape alert, SueLyn Medeiros also tried the “leak a sextape, and see if I get famous” trick too. Didn’t work. Has anyone gotten famous off a sextape since Kim K? I mean you don’t need a really famous guy, she used Ray J after all. Seems like a legitimate path to notoriety in a down economy.

On to the brackets:


There is a full on sextape alert for SueLyn Medeiros. If you are short on time and can only pick a few, Paula Patton video is great. Sophie Turner is the resident whooty and impressive, and I’m interested to know how Kate Upton does here at Us Versus Them. I will say that dougie is irresistible.


1. Kate Upton [video]

16. Kamille Leai [video]


2. Bria Myles [video]

15. Sidney Lauren [video]


3. SueLyn Medeiros [video]

14. Melanie Iglesias [video]


4. Emanuelle Chiriqui [video]

13. Jessica Burciaga [video]


5. Brittany Ireland [video]

12. Melyssa Ford [video]


6. Dania Ramirez [video]

11. Paula Patton [video]


7. Ophilia [video]

10. Sophie Turner [video]


8. Brittany Dailey [video]

9. Draya Michelle 


Dania Ramirez and Mena Suvari: A$$ and Titties.

Dania Ramirez and Mena Suvari dropped a video called “Ass and Titties” today. You already frequent the blog, so I don’t really need to tell you anything else do I?

I actually could have used a lot more uncut Mena in that video, but I’ll take it. You gotta appreciate a white girl who knows she doesn’t need booty pads to play Kim Kardashian.


March Madnass: Round of 32 – Famous Division

The first round of March Madnass is over and it is time to send another 16 ladies home. Huge upsets in the first round. Late entry Britney Dailey took down Number 1 seed Kim Kardashian. Christina Milian was able to hold on against a surging Allison Stokke. Now it is time to get down to some serious business. Can a dark horse rise up to get to the Sweet 16? It is up to Team Us.

Voting every day this week. Check back and vote often.



More Thigh Than KFC Division:

16 Britney Dailey

9 Amber Rose


5 Jessica Biel

4 Meagan Good


6 Vida Guerra

3 Christina Milian


7 Stacey Dash

2 Rihanna


Dollop Division:

1 Halle Berry

9 Selita Ebanks


5 Eva Mendes

4 Monica Bellucci


6 Rita G

3 Dania Ramirez


7 Shakira

2 Rosa Acosta

March Madnass: Dollop Division

Day 1 was a huge success. There were a few surprises, but overall I think I got the seeding right. Britney Dailey is making a real run from the 16th spot against Kim Kardashian. My girl Milian got destroyed though. I’ll have my own personal moment of silence. My favorite part is the fact that in my mind, you were all sitting at home looking like this:

But now, on to the next round, the “Dollop Division”

First a little theme music.

Dollop Division

1.   Halle Berry

16. Carmen Electra

2.   Rosa Acosta

15. Daphne Joy

3.  Dania Ramirez

14. Kenya Moore

4.  Monica Bellucci

13. Esther Baxter

5.  Eva Mendes

12. Inez Sainz

6.  Rita G

11. Kerry Washington

7.   Shakira

10. Ciara

8. Rose McGowan

9. Selita Ebanks

Here is the voting people. Have at it.


Dania Ramirez is UvT Quality

I don’t know how I haven’t gotten here sooner, but Dania Ramirez is bad as hell.

And I’m not just saying that because she has an excellent side J game going.  I know I’ve seen her before, but that dress definitely made me bring her to your attention right now.

In my imagination, that J on my left (her right) has been set free.  I promise I see nip.  I can.  If you can’t see it, you need more UvT vision.  But you know I’m not a J man, let’s check the tail game.  I’m jumping right in with angle 2.

Nice work and respectable back arch.  She’s looking good, but then I saw this…

Is it possible to have booty on the right side and no booty on the left?  Has the ass disappeared?  It that a right cheek Us, left cheek Them booty?  Binary booty? Right cheek 1, left cheek 0?  This all hurts my heaad, the assologist will have to analyze it again later.  Until then, we will have to go with Angle 3.

There, that looks good again.  She looks soft, I wonder if Ciara is offering dance lessons…  We could create an army of booty poppin, beat ridin, cooch grindin, bull buckin, freaks. Can anyone hook that up?