Honesty in Advertising

People overuse lawyers and someone finally decided to make fun of it.

That lone tear like Denzel in Glory is epic.


Ladies Love Sprite

Check out this German commercial.  Probably about a 3 on the NSFW scale.  Nothing Technically happens, but the sounds and visuals are suggestive until the end.


So does that qualify as a Lymon shower?  Is that Alton from the Real World? 


More Ads: They Keep it Sexy Overseas

Yesterday I hit you with the product that “feels like a fireman comes in your mouth”.  But there is some other advertising that keeps it a little more classy.  You know how you introduce your kids to sex by telling them about the birds and the bees?  Well you might not to that anymore if you knew birds and bees were getting down like this.


I wonder if the bee is buzzed.


Hilarious.  My man is getting his stinger waxed.  Wait, if the both have stingers, is this a violation of Rule #1?


Not that bee bondage.  This has already gone too far.  This is what happens when I start posting this late and the big news of the day is Cassie getting butt naked.  It started going downhill first thing this morning and hasn’t gotten better.


No…THIS is the Best Commercial Out Right Now

This cat Jimmie Rollins of the Phillies really goes hard in this one.

That last “yeaaaaaah” really locks it in.  He never even looks at the ball as it flies in at him.  Hilarious.


Captain Morgan Holiday Miracle

It is the holidays here at Us Versus Them, time to get into some holiday cheer.  Let’s start with some holiday themed drinking.  By that way, Lake is a HUGE Egg Nog guy.  Personally, I can’t touch the stuff.  I actually hate eggs, and because of that I can’t reconcile whatever a “nog” is, so I ain’t messing with any of it.

I don’t know why I find these joints so hilarious, but these Captain Morgan commercials are great to me.

Personally, I whoop ass when someone puts anything put ice in my liquor, but hey, that dude appreciated it.

That little dance he does at the end his hilarious too.  By the way, Personally I whoop ass when someone spills dranks in my house.

Man, his dance is even better. He gets no ass whoopin’, I appreciate the coaster.