Us Versus Them Tournament Challenge

We have a winner of the Us Versus Them Tournament Challenge. Long time member of Team Us, Royal took home the championship this year. He is one of the original purveyors of Code 2 Ave. He somehow made a science of the Drop a Deuce unofficial break at work. That’s right he could turn 30 minutes of breaktime into a solid 45 minutes.

So Royal, you are the proud winner of  a pet unicorn rocketship personal jetpack UvTee as soon as I get em printed up. Just so you know the last two winners were KCTheTruth who won Fantasy Football in December (and almost won the Tourney Challenge too) and Mr. Jezus who won Commenter of the Year in January (and has been making a lot of the regulars pay for it ever since). Join the club.

Thanks to everyone who played.  We won’t be running Fantasy Baseball because…you know, Baseball sucks.


UvT Tourney Challenge Update

Damn, I’ve been focusing on March Madnass so much (and Duke took that early left cross to the jaw, so I have to admit I lost interest). But there are some strong UvT Faithful right at the top of the pile this year.

Right now the people with the best shot of winning are The Measer with a 10 point lead and Ohio State. If they take it, he wins. watilike has Kansas and I have no idea who that is, but he’s #TeamUs so it is all good. JMack and KCtheTruth have Kentucky. From my math KC might be out of it because he can’t beat JMack. It’s good too, if KC won the Fantasy Football and Tourney Challenge back to back we might have to actually buy him a championship belt as the King of UvT Sports. Either way the kid is clearly a beast. I might fly him out to Vegas so we can lay some real loot down.

So good luck, talk some shit this weekend in the comments and may the best man win.


Reminder UvT Bracket Challenge on ESPN: Don’t Be THAT GUY

Make sure you sign up for the Us Versus Them tourney challenge brackets today before the ESPN server gets all slow and  shitty tomorrow morning with all the dudes waiting to get ‘last minute tips’ before they submit their bracket and it looks as terrible as everyone else’s by noon Friday. Oh, and just signing up isn’t enough. Make sure you actually MAKE your picks. There are currently 7 people in the mix who haven’t actually picked any teams. Including Team Us favorite Jonny D and past winner Rosy F Baby. I WILL make fun of all the people who sign up and post that 0.

Here is the log in.

League Name: Us Versus Them

Pass: Brock

Also, you are more than welcome to post more than one bracket, but if you want to win the shirt or be mentioned as the winner on the site you need to cut it down to 1. At VERY least you need to declare your lead bracket in the comments.

Here’s a hot tip. Fab Melo, Syracuse big man and defensive anchor is academically ineligible for the SECOND time this season and will not play in the tourney.

First of all Fab Melo might be the most chillinest name I’ve ever heard. When your name is Fab Melo you don’t get worked up over a damn thing. Also at 7 feet, 240 this situation will not change the fact that an NBA team will still take a flyer on him and let him sit on the bench for at least 7 years.

Adjust your brackets accordingly.


Us Versus Them Bracket Challenge

I know you all want to make ONE MORE bracket this week. So why don’t you jump into the UvT Tourney Challenge?

I’m just going to update my bracket from last year. I just need to fill out a little more detail.

I’m bullshittin. I hate to admit it, but Duke looked REALLY bad in the ACC tourney this year. Hopefully my boys make it out of the first weekend.


Here is the log in.

League Name: Us Versus Them

Pass: Brock

I’m pretty sure putting my name as the password is pretty self absorbed, but also an easy way to help you remember the password.

By the way, I know Anthony Davis from Kentucky is ridiculously nice on the court, but that eyebrow game pretty much assures that he doesn’t have a steady girlfriend who gives a damn about him, right?

That kid will know he’s found true love when his girl tells him to tighten up that unibrow and cut off that 15 year old mustache. Otherwise the chick is just riding for that NBA paycheck and doesn’t give a damn who he is or what he looks like.


March Madness…The BASKETBALL Tournament: Sign Up Now

I went on ahead and set up the page for this the tourney Challenge this year. I’ll run some more smack on Monday while I try to figure out how to fill in all the non-Duke slots. Until then, set up your ESPN accounts and get a spot now. Should be competitive this year. As always the winner gets on the list to receive a spanking new UvTee as soon as I get myself together and actually have some.

League Name: Us Versus Them

Pass: Brock

More Monday.


Man Up Monday: Georgetown Hoyas

I didn’t check the archives, but is this the first International Man Up Monday? I didn’t even know college squads were playing ball yet. But there are a few teams in China for international competition. First, are my Duke Blue Devils and our Freshman point guard Austin Rivers. The other squad is the Georgetown Hoyas.


Before the Michigan Fab 5, the Georgetown Hoyas were the original bad boys of college basketball. But the Hoyas took a trip to China and things didn’t go so well.

That was a hard foul, there was definitely a tangle up over there, but when the camera moved it looked like the Georgetown player was the one who wanted to throw down first. Then one second later when the camera comes back, my man is running for his life. Guess things didn’t work out the way he thought they would. The guy fell then immediately had five guys around him. Hasn’t this guy ever seen a kung fu movie? You attack one and all of a sudden you have ninjas flying over the rooftops coming down on you. I don’t know how many players are allowed on basketball teams in China, but once the fight started, it seemed like there were 30 players on the Chinese team. They all came ready to get down too. One guy runs in and drops a Georgetown player at about the 15 second mark. Then there is a Hoya running away and catching a chop to the back of his next at about 20 seconds. I think there is some ground and pound in there before it is all over.

Honestly, I haven’t seen a more shocking revelation of how much America has fallen in the eyes of the world. When an American Black man gets into a fight, they are supposed to win. That is one of the basic tenets of American society. No one in the world is supposed to want any parts of a bunch of 6’8″ brothers. Meanwhile, the Bayi Rockets looked like they were waiting for a fight. Another critical miscalculation? The Bayi Rockets aren’t just a regular squad. The Bayi Rockets are the basketball team of soldiers. Not like No Limit Soldiers. Soldiers in the Army. Trained fighters. Rule #1 of getting into a fight. Know thy opponent.

Do you see that dude’s legs? He looks like he might stomp my man into the court. That dude might have to get an individual Man Up for this picture alone. It wasn’t completely one sided though. Georgetown got a few shots in.

It’s hilarious how bitchy fights become in real life. You think it is gonna look smooth. But in reality, guys are just trying to slap at the other guy while leaning their head back to avoid getting hit.

I feel like the Georgetown Hoyas made us all look bad. Forget about America’s financial position and dominance. If China ever takes military action against the United States, I’m going to look back at this moment as the second the Chinese found out they might be able to take us. We took the first swing and everything. It’s embarrassing. Turrible really.

Dammit Georgetown Hoyas, Man Up!



Man Up Monday: Duke Blue Devils

Dammit, dammit, dammit.

I have to keep it real on this one. Duke with Kyrie Irving was ready to run the table and win those back to back championships.  But now, we had a chance to win the ACC championship by beating the damn Carolina Tarheels. What did we do instead? Catch a beatdown.  It was terrible, wire to wire, terrible. Kyle, the dribble drive isn’t getting it done, neither is that outside shot. You are KILLING us dude.

Pissed. Duke. Man Up, the time is now. DO NOT lose to a BS team in that ACC tourney. Kyrie, we need you back homey.

By the way, there might be some troubles in Miami.

Four losses in a row? The Heat are falling apart when it counts. That sucks fellas. Get it together. Man Up.


Girls Basketball Still Kinda Sucks

I’ll admit it.  I got sucked in by the UConn women and their quest for greatness.  They were really killing other squads.  When you win an elite 8 game 90-40, you are playing a completely different sport.  But then in the national championship game, these chick scored 12 points in the first half.  That is just unacceptable.  I felt like I might as well have been watching this:

Actually, that was more entertaining.