Man Up Monday: Brady Quinn

You know we’ve been on Brady Quinn watch ever since Lake and I watched all his hopes and dreams get crushed in the NFL draft as he slipped from a top prospect to the 22nd pick in the 2007 draft.
I don’t hate the kid, I’m just tired of everyone acting like he is better than he actually is. People tried to act like he was good at Notre Dame, but all he ever did was beat the people he was supposed to beat.  So he was supposed to be a mini god when he was drafted by the Browns and Derek Anderson promptly put Brady Quinn on clipboard and baseball cap duty.


Brady spent two years playing about as many snaps as I played in the NFL for the last few years (although he pulls a better paycheck than I do for not doing anything).  But this season Brady got his chance.  Check Quinn’s stats:


Player Att Comp Yds Comp % Yds/Att TD TD % INT INT % Long Sck Sack/Lost Rating
Brady Quinn 74 45 400 60.8 5.4 1 1.4 3 4.1 26 10 46 62.9


I don’t know about you, but over three games…that is not your franchise player right there.  Even Allen Iverson wants him to talk about practice after seeing that QB rating.


Brady got the starting job and today during the 34-3 beatdown by the Ravens, Brady got benched because it just wasn’t happening.  One touchdown, three interceptions and a 62.9 rating.  That is not going to keep you in the game for long.


The guy certainly looks the part, but he really just can’t throw.  No accuracy, can’t lead a receiver, catches L’s in the pocket, I mean he is awful.  Is the dream over yet people?  Can we finally let this one go?  No?  Well maybe the guy can find a new profession.

Phillies Indians Baseball

Nice mechanics Brady.  You had your shot…Man Up and take advantage.  You were supposed to be the man, you were supposed to proved everyone who passed you up in the draft that they made a mistake.  Do you need to get a video tape of the Michael Jordan Hall Of Fame speech to know how to build an entire career out of revenge?

Brady Quinn…Man UP!


Football News: Brady Quinn Still Sucks

Let’s see, Brady Quinn Update.  He sucked at Notre Dame, got destroyed at the NFL draft a few years ago when he sat there for 2 1/2 hours waiting for his name to be called, he played a few games in Cleveland and got “hurt”, and now he is “competing for the starting job”.  Nice job future of the Browns.  So way are we talking about him?  Because he too this silly picture.


Why is he making that face, and who is he pointing at?  Maybe the Cleveland bench is over there and he’s letting the people on the ride with him know where he’ll be sitting this season.

Okay, I’ll stop.


The Sports Moment We’ve Been Waiting For: Brady Quinn Starts!

It only took one year, seven months, a 3-4 record, Braylon Edwards dropping everything that is thrown his way and the complete flame out of Derek Anderson for it to happen but the day has finally come.

Brady Quinn started an NFL football game.

A real, counts in the recordbook, game too.

Look, you know our position here at UvT.  We’ve been hating since Notre Dame. We hated so hard we had to stop hating because he wasn’t even playing.  But you know what?  He wasn’t that bad.  Unfortunately, he also wasn’t that good. I will say he had a QB rating of 104.3, two TD’s and did a pretty decent job of leading his team down the field.  They definitely protected him with the short passes and the running game, but he did his thing.  He’s even got Houston and Cincy on the remaining schedule so he can get his legs underneath him for the remainder of the season.  Unfortunately, he’s also got Philly, the Colts, Buffalo, Pittsburgh and the undefeated Tennessee Titans.  Ouch.

At least he’s taking over a team that sucks so no one will blame him when they still suck after he is leading the team.  I do have a prediction though.  Brady Quinn never actuallywon a game he wasn’t supposed to win at ND, so I officially expect him to do the exact same thing in Cleveland.  Which means the last half of the season will probably be 2-5 because he gets to the Texans before Schaub is supposed to come back.  If Schaub is in we’ll call it 1-6.

By the way?  Is he still with his lady Lindy Slinger?

If so, I’ll give Brady some points for loyalty too.  We will see the real deal once he starts winning games and gets some of that Romo heat.  Lindy looks like a nice girl, but wait until Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, and Girls next Door come knocking.  Seriously, Brady what are you going to to if this rolls up on you?

Hmmmmm?  What’cha gonna do?

Yeah, I’d be lookin too.

I hope Brady does well.  I really do.  It means he’ll actually be in the game so I can talk shit about it.  I was completely out of bench warmer jokes.  Now I’m reloaded and ready to roll.  I’m sure Brady is ready to give up plenty of material.