Chris Brown is the Softest Thug Out

Chris Brown is hurting right now.  Remember when this kid was on top?

He couldn’t lose.  Do you remember Run it?  He was killing it.  He was dancing, smiling, on guest tracks, he was winning.  I’m pretty sure he was the first guy with a skull tattooed on his hand to be a Doublemint spokesperson. Side note, I wonder if both of these dudes had to fight with ol girl to make sure they didn’t end up being the “Juicy Fruit” rep.  But I digress.

Now everyone wants to make Chris out to be a thug.  Don’t get me wrong, a dude who hits a woman is always wrong.  Chris Brown has been paying the price for the last two years and he’s still paying the price.  That is the downside of having young girls as your fans, their parents aren’t gonna buy them your album after you beat down America’s sweetheart.  The album he put out last year completely bombed.  I’m talking no sales.  He was getting pissed off the stores weren’t even carrying it, much less selling it.  After the Rihanna incident, no one could let Chris slide.  Plus, everyone has a different picture of him in their heads right now.

My bad, wrong pic.

See , Chris can’t look mean if he wants to.  You just can’t get mad at a dude in an aquamarine sweater and matching bowtie.  Lake hit me up yesterday and said that he had indisputable evidence that Chris Brown is not a thug.  No matter what you want to say about Chris Lake found the silver bullet.  He finally found something to clean up his reputation.  His evidence?  The new song Yeah 3x.

And I’m pretty sure Lake hasn’t even seen the video yet.

Yeah, that isn’t helping his cause.  Especially that salmon jacket and white shorts combo he’s rocking at the end.

I have to admit I actually felt bad for Chris when I heard Deuces for the first time.  That was the first track where I knew Chris was screwed because prior to the Incident that song would have been #1 without question.  This time it took a while and a hot ass remix for it to gain popularity.  But even then, people are still trying to hide their kids and hide their wife because Chris Brown is taking smiley pictures with everybody out here.

Chris will be back to doing man on man R&B duets in no time.  And rocking bowties.

Look, give the kid a break.  He fell for a devil.

A sexy fiendish little devil.  Damn.

At least he got a few wins in first.

Cut the kid a break.  Deuces remix is hot.  Run that shit.