Another Late Night Breakfast Fight

I’m pretty sure this is a violation of YouTube’s “no asswhoopin” policy, so I’m posting it while the getting is good.  I already have a long list of why I hate breakfast places late at night, and here is another example.  Check this fight out.

I don’t know what started the fight, and the only part I can really understand is ol girl saying something about riding ass.  If you cut the video off early for excess ridiculousness, you’ve got to go back and see the chick in stripes end her long shit talking career as she stars and ends her fighting career in about 2 punches.  Ol girl in the white really rolls up two chicks all be herself.  It is fully spectacular. You don’t get to see that too often.



I told you the video wasn’t going to ask long. That sucks. Just rest assured that there are two young ladies that will think twice before talking shit to strangers in the future.


NEW LINK!  Yeaaaaahhhhhh…