March Madnass Round of 32: Hell Yeah F’n Right Division

This division is why Twitter is a great invention. uncut, behind the scenes pics are great. This division is full of blurry cam and phone pics. I actually like it. Voting starts now, the real competition starts in this round. These decisions are tougher than my basketball brackets.

Vote early, vote often, go ahead and get in there.



Kate Upton vs. Brittany Dailey

Bria Myles vs. Sophie Turner

SueLyn Medeiros vs. Paula Patton

Jessica Burciaga vs. Melyssa Ford

March Madnass 2012: Hell Yeah F’n Right Division

We have the final bracket ready. While I thought the other bracket needed a sex tape alert, SueLyn Medeiros also tried the “leak a sextape, and see if I get famous” trick too. Didn’t work. Has anyone gotten famous off a sextape since Kim K? I mean you don’t need a really famous guy, she used Ray J after all. Seems like a legitimate path to notoriety in a down economy.

On to the brackets:


There is a full on sextape alert for SueLyn Medeiros. If you are short on time and can only pick a few, Paula Patton video is great. Sophie Turner is the resident whooty and impressive, and I’m interested to know how Kate Upton does here at Us Versus Them. I will say that dougie is irresistible.


1. Kate Upton [video]

16. Kamille Leai [video]


2. Bria Myles [video]

15. Sidney Lauren [video]


3. SueLyn Medeiros [video]

14. Melanie Iglesias [video]


4. Emanuelle Chiriqui [video]

13. Jessica Burciaga [video]


5. Brittany Ireland [video]

12. Melyssa Ford [video]


6. Dania Ramirez [video]

11. Paula Patton [video]


7. Ophilia [video]

10. Sophie Turner [video]


8. Brittany Dailey [video]

9. Draya Michelle 


March Madnass: More Thigh Than KFC Division


We are finally here, I think I have it working and as Ian suggested we need a theme song during the voting. We will go with Ms. Fat Booty for the “Ass so fat you can see it from the front” line.

I can’t drop full on pics in the first round. You can hit the links if you don’t know about these ladies, but they should all be familiar to you. I hope the voting works, hit me with feedback in the comments. ALSO, hit your friends with this link. This joint has the potential to be EPIC! March Madnass needs to go down in history. Let’s pump up the voting, lets make this a movement. Let’s find the true winner. #TeamUs can build some momentum right now.

So vote on whatever criteria you like. If you are just looking for the best tail in the land, go for it. If you are looking for an all around MVP, that sounds good to me. If you are one of the ladies of UvT and want to vote for a great fashion sense and for a chick who could be your bestie…whatever keeps you coming back. We are crowning the #1 UvT Quality Chick out here, may the best woman win.

Some great matchups in this division. That Biel vs. Suvari could get interesting. Vida Guerra vs. Melyssa Ford is a matchup of some classic video vixens.

If this all works, we are rolling with voting everyday this week. Also, no voting limitations so vote early, vote often.


More Thigh than KFC Division

1. Kim Kardashian

16. Brittany Dailey

2. Rihanna

15. Jenn Sterger

3. Christina Milian

14. Alison Stokke

4. Meagan Good

13. Hoopz

5. Jessica Biel

12. Mena Suvari

6. Vida Guerra

11. Melyssa Ford

7. Stacy Dash

10. Britney Spears

8. Rachel McAdams

9. Amber Rose

Vote Below

UvT Mailbag: Brittany Dailey

I hit the email this morning and got this from loyal reader Ain’t No Thang


Topic: I’m Saddened

Dear Sirs:

How is it possible that you were able to construct a six-screens-long post on C Breezy, and not find a way to mention that bad bitch in the “Deuces” video?

C’mon son.

I see a tired post mentioning KK for the billionth time, and a revelation that Rachael McAdams uses a body double. I understand Mr Brown needed to be taken to task, but he has to earn some points back for smanging Brittany Dailey. Right? I mean, check out what this apache/black/irish girl is workin’ with…

How long’s this site been around? And not one single mention of this chick? I am deeply saddened.



Well ANT, you’re right.  When I cracked into the pics, I was exposed to a whole new world.  Without further adieu, Brittany Dailey.

Angle 1, 2, and 3 in he same picture?  You know I can’t resist that.

Yeah, the J’s are fake.  But I’m guessing the fine readers of this blog probably don’t care.

I’m gonna go ahead and raise my hand and say I prefer this unphotoshopped version of the classic bikini pulldown pose.  I prefer this to the barbie smooth skin above.

Okay, now I’m starting to believe she only has one pose and two bathing suits…yet, it still hasn’t gotten old yet.  Interns, we need some new poses.  Superthick?

Well done.  Uhhhh, can you give me bathroom mirror?

I’ve taught you well.  You know what we have to end with.  The UvT money shot…Angle 2.

Ain’t No Thing.  I think we’re all been enlightened today.  Thanks.  Yo, if other people have chicks this bad I’m missing out on, hit me with em.  Shoot us an email using the link above, or hit me on twitter.  I don’t care if it is a chick you go to college with.  I’ll run it.

Oh wait, hit this link to see Brittany in motion.

You’re welcome.