Ode To Christina Aguilera: It Coulda Been Worse

Christina Aguilera caught a lot of heat this week for her rendition of the National Anthem at the Superbowl this weekend.  Sure, it was a classic song on a huge stage and she blew a line on a classic song that everyone knows until they have to sing it out loud in front of 100 Million people.  Lake laid out our position on it.  At least she held the melody though.  Let me tell you, that was nothing compared to some of the crimes that have been committed against our musical symbol of American pride.

Cuba Gooding Sr.

You gotta love that “test” he thought he needed after “thank you” came out just fine.  My man really thinks he nailed it at the end.  It went just the way he wanted it to.  In his mind, he was like “I just kilt that right there.”  And here I was thinking Cuba Jr. was the most random dude in that family.

I don’t know who this dude is, but he keeps his Anthem methodical and really goes for it at the end.  Why do people feel like they have to jazz up the National Anthem?  Just sing the song. It works just fine.

When people hit those last two lines, they just lose their minds.

Let’s not forget the classics, Rosanne Barr.

That went down in 1990.  I wonder if she knew she would be offending people from the future when she dropped that.

My personal favorite has to be the classic Carl Lewis.  Clipped but still great.  You’ve got to love that Carl does his own commentary as he is singing. That “Uh-Oh” is him critiquing himself.

But Lake found the ultimate.  I’ve never seen anything this bad.  First he starts before he gets himself comfortable on the mic, then he checks the lyrics ON THE FIRST LINE.  Where did this dude go to elementary school? Canada?  It really is amazing.

At least he knows the tune…kinda.  After all that, after butchering that song ALL THE WAY THROUGH, knowing that joint was not right, he STILL went for it on “Star Spangled Banner Yet Wave” line.


Someone tell Christina to visit UvT if she ever needs a pick me up.