Vladimir Putin Jacked Robert Kraft For his Superbowl Ring

Patriots owner Robert Kraft travelled to Russia in 2005 and visited Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Patriots had just won back to back Super Bowls and Kraft got to meet the Russian President as part of his travels. Kraft was showing off his new … [Continue reading]

Rupert Murdock Files For Divorce…Why Should You Care?

It didn't register for me at first either. Until I remembered that the woman in question is Wendy Deng Murdock...also knows as the ride or die chick in pink from this video.   When Rupert Murdock as attacked during his questioning in … [Continue reading]

Us Versus Them TV: Rules of the Gym

Another episode of UvTv is UP. (You should really be subscribed to the Channel at this point. CLICK HERE to Subscribe) But check out our latest episode. The only rule you really need to remember is "no nipples in the gym". … [Continue reading]

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson is a funny dude. Remember five years ago when he was the most popular dude in the NFL for 10 weeks? Dude had a checklist for all of the cornerbacks he was going to burn. Remember when he changed his name to OchoCinco for his jersey … [Continue reading]

What Happens When You Introduce a Black Child to NASCAR Too Early

It ain't pretty. … [Continue reading]

I Always Feeeeeel Like, Somebody’s Watching Meeeeeee…

I really don't understand why people are surprised when they find out all the different ways the government stays all up in your personal shit. Last week everyone found out that Verizon Wireless was turning over all kinds of personal call information … [Continue reading]

Worst. Arrest. Ever. The OTHER Side of the NBA

Everyone thinks pro athletes have it easy. Everyone thinks once you make it to the NBA your life is set. Fame, million dollar contracts, free stuff everything. Sure, we all hear about the big meltdowns. The guys who earned $120 million over the … [Continue reading]

Tiger Woods is the Samson of Golf

You know the biblical story of Samson don't you? He had super strength as long as he didn't cut his hair, but ultimately had such a soft spot for prostitutes he gave up his power? Sound familiar? Now I'm not going to say that Tiger Woods is … [Continue reading]