Is This Racist? News Station Gets Pranked

This ACTUALLY HAPPENED on the news in San Francisco. Who types up the teleprompter? [Read more…]

Kanye Claims He’s Yeezus. Is it the Work of the Devil?

Can Kanye drop one damn album without people claiming he’s the devil incarnate? I mean damn, can’t a brother call himself Yeezus without a backlash? [Read more…]

Vladimir Putin Jacked Robert Kraft For his Superbowl Ring

Patriots owner Robert Kraft travelled to Russia in 2005 and visited Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Patriots had just won back to back Super Bowls and Kraft got to meet the Russian President as part of his travels. Kraft was showing off his new ring and handed it to Putin for a better look. Then Putin decided he must have called some plays for the Pats back in 2005 too because he decided the ring looked good on him. [Read more…]

When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson is a funny dude. Remember five years ago when he was the most popular dude in the NFL for 10 weeks? Dude had a checklist for all of the cornerbacks he was going to burn. Remember when he changed his name to OchoCinco for his jersey number 85 even though Ochocinco does not mean 85? Or when he actually used to be fast enough to run past cornerbacks and actually get open? Those were good times. Unfortunately those times are long, long ago because Chad can’t really seem to hold it together anymore. [Read more…]

What Happens When You Introduce a Black Child to NASCAR Too Early

It ain’t pretty. [Read more…]

Worst. Arrest. Ever. The OTHER Side of the NBA

Everyone thinks pro athletes have it easy. Everyone thinks once you make it to the NBA your life is set. Fame, million dollar contracts, free stuff everything. Sure, we all hear about the big meltdowns. The guys who earned $120 million over the course of their career who end up getting their yachts repossessed, but there are dudes who just slide out of the back of the league and no one even notices. [Read more…]

Come On Bruh! Dwyane Wade

I’ll keep this brief. Dwyane…this is unacceptable.

[Read more…]

Jason Collins Comes Out of the Closet…And He’s Bringing His Brother With Him!

So Jason Collins is being hailed as the first gay athlete in major sports after he publicly came out in Sports Illustrated magazine. I don’t think I’ve actually heard anyone call him the “gay Jackie Robinson”¬†yet. [Read more…]