Reminder UvT Bracket Challenge on ESPN: Don’t Be THAT GUY

Make sure you sign up for the Us Versus Them tourney challenge brackets today before the ESPN server gets all slow and  shitty tomorrow morning with all the dudes waiting to get ‘last minute tips’ before they submit their bracket and it looks as terrible as everyone else’s by noon Friday. Oh, and just signing up isn’t enough. Make sure you actually MAKE your picks. There are currently 7 people in the mix who haven’t actually picked any teams. Including Team Us favorite Jonny D and past winner Rosy F Baby. I WILL make fun of all the people who sign up and post that 0.

Here is the log in.

League Name: Us Versus Them

Pass: Brock

Also, you are more than welcome to post more than one bracket, but if you want to win the shirt or be mentioned as the winner on the site you need to cut it down to 1. At VERY least you need to declare your lead bracket in the comments.

Here’s a hot tip. Fab Melo, Syracuse big man and defensive anchor is academically ineligible for the SECOND time this season and will not play in the tourney.

First of all Fab Melo might be the most chillinest name I’ve ever heard. When your name is Fab Melo you don’t get worked up over a damn thing. Also at 7 feet, 240 this situation will not change the fact that an NBA team will still take a flyer on him and let him sit on the bench for at least 7 years.

Adjust your brackets accordingly.


March Madnass 2012: See It From The Front Division

Sorry for the delay, but your (almost) daily dose of the baddest chicks in the world is here. I’ll probably get the last one up later tonight.

The See it From the Front Division kicks off now. There are probably a lot more regular chicks in this bracket than the others. This might also be the leaked pic and sex tape division. I don’t have the leaked Olivia Munn pictures, but Friend of the Program Turd Ferguson has them on his site HERE. Feel free to use those pictures to supplement the material I’ve provided for voting purposes. Or any other purposes you may find fit…you sick bastards. (Says the guy who set up a tournament style competition to find the baddest chick in the world).


– Brock


1. Laura Dore [video]

16. Jackie Guerrido [video]


2. Esther Baxter [video]

15. Nicole Scherzinger [video]


3. Kim Kardashian [video] (how much do you think  I wanted to link to the OTHER video?)

14. Rosee Divine [video]


4. Vanessa Veasley [video]

13. Nilanti Narain [video]


5. Ayisha Diaz [video]

12. Minka Kelly [video]


6. Brooklyn Decker [video]

11. Diora Baird [video]


7. Olivia Munn [video]

10. Marisa Elise [video]


8. Adriana Lima [video]

9. Joanna Pena [video] [NSFW]


March Madnass 2012: The Brackets Are Set!

It is time to kick off March Madnass 2012. You will have 48 hours to vote for the first round and I’ll overlap them for the next few days. Here are the four divisions and I should be able to get the first division up later today with links and the polls attached.

I’m sure the seedings will not keep everyone happy, but that’s part of the fun. Vote for your favorite early and often and the seedings won’t matter as much. My part in this game is over now, it’s all in the crazy ass-obsessed hands of Team Us now.


Assnosis Division:


1 Claudia Sampredo
2 Vida Guerra
3 Carol Seleme
4 Sofia Vergara
5 Rosa Acosta
6 Padma Lakshmi
7 Tahiry
8 Meagan Good
9 Christina Milian
10 Freida Pinto
11 Jessica/Miss Rabbit
12 Jesikah Maximus
13 Nicole Mejia
14 Amber Rose
15 Emily B
16 Tammy Torres
See It From The Front Division:
1 Laura Dore
2 Esther Baxter
3 Kim Kardashian
4 Vanessa Veasley
5 Ayisha Diaz
6 Brooklyn Decker
7 Olivia Munn
8 Adriana Lima
9  Joanna Pena
10 Marisa Elise
11 Diora Baird
12 Minka Kelly
13 Nilanti Narian
14 Rosee Divine
15  Nicole Sherzinger
16  Jackie Guerrido
Round of Applause Division:
1 Rihanna
2 Jade Wifey
3 Chiquinquira Delgado
4 Issa Bayaua
5 Diana Levy
6 Megalyn Echikunwoke
7 Jessica Biel
8 Inez Sainz
9 Brenda Lynn
10 Alyssa Jerry
11 Charm Killings
12 Cristine L
13 Ajia Nicole
14 Jolina Bonita
15 Maya Michelle Rew
16 Mercedes Hawkins

Hell Yeah F’n Right Division
1 Kate Upton
2 Bria Myles
3 SueLyn Medeiros
4 Emanuelle Chiriqui
5 Brittany Ireland
6 Dania Ramirez
7 Ophilia
8 Britney Dailey
9 Draya Michelle
10 Sophie Turner
11 Paula Patton
12 Melyssa Ford
13 Jessica Burciaga
14 Melanie Iglesias
15 Sidney Lauren
16 Kamille Leai

Cat Ass Dogs

I haven’t posted in 2012 yet so I have a few things I want to get off my chest.   First, happy to hear that Jayonce had a successful birth of their daughter Blue Ivy.   From the look of the pictures that have been released, she looks like the perfect combination of the two mega stars.



Jay’s strong features fightin’ on through.  Jokes, of course.  I am sure that they will be responsible parents.   Mozart playing in the baby pen.   Not like many of today’s parents that subject their kids to the latest fads and foolishness.



Perfect 10!

Here’s what I wanted to say.   I know there’s the age old debate about what’s a better pet, a cat or a dog?   Cats clean themselves, you don’t have to take them out for a walk, they don’t sit on the side of the bed staring at you while you trying to get one in with your girl.    Dogs know their name, they’re loyal, and they protect you and the fam.   For the record, I don’t have a dog in this fight.   When I was a kid, we had a cat.   It was there before I was born, I had no say in the decision.   My pops always hated that muhfugga.  In fact, the first curse words I ever recall hearing…. actually, I was introduced to every curse word in the book in one sentence.   “Babe, if I catch this Bitch Ass Cat in my fuggin closet again, I’ma kill this mufugga.”  That’s what he called it, Bitch Ass Cat.   Terrorized him for 16 years.  If I was living in a house, I’d want a dog, for a little added protection.   But what if your dog can’t protect you?   You know, one of those little dogs.   LA is the capital of big man small dog duos.



Now that right there is just silly.