Man Up Monday: Man Buys Brazilian Girl’s virginity for $780,000

Every once in a while I’ll see someone spend money on some crazy things. Remember Marc Ecko buying the Barry Bonds record setting 756th home run ball just so he could put an asterisk on it?

He paid $752,000 for that ball. I guess that’s cool. He’s always going to be a part of the story and baseball history for that one. I hope he never runs into Barry Bonds in a dark alley though.

This one is even better though. A filmmaker ran an auction that sold off the virginity of Brazilian Catarina Migliorini for a little over $750,000. What do you even base this valuation on? There are a bunch of factors that can come to bear here. Who it the girl? I mean one night with one of the baddest chicks on the planet? Arguable, but still a long shot at $750,000. Is it impossible for you to have sex? Yeah, that number could run up pretty quickly. Is there extra weight because you get to be someone’s first? Sure, but high school guys are kicking that door in every single day. I’m not sure the rarity of those categories can get the price up this high. Let’s meet Catarina.

Our boy Jack clearly got outbid, and I’m going to assume Jack Miller is not his real name. Which brings up the point, if you’re going to go with the fake name, just go ahead and call yourself “Jack MeHoff” Right? How many chances are you gonna get to do that. We need another shot of Catarina.

Look, don’t get me wrong, she’s a 1 on the binary scale all day long. She’s sporting the classic “ASFYCSIFTF” of the Brazilian people. But three quarters of a million? That seems a little steep, especially when you consider the ground rules. The man named only “Natsu” has to take care of the act on a private plane to avoid prostitution laws (don’t understand how the air is lawless, but ok…), sex toys are not allowed (I’m gonna call that an easy rule because you best believe that if I spent $750,000 dollars, we’re gonna use MY equipment. The third is that he must use a condom.

Say what?

Now I’m all for safe sex, but if you are going to pay $750K, you can at least go raw dog. This sounds like an awful lot of money for what sounds like the worst sex ever. I’ve never been, but I’ve got it on good authority that in Brazil, for about $300 (I’m gonna call that a bargain) you can get a room full of chicks to do whatever you want. All night. The virgin part is going to be pretty questionable, but if you think about it 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

Sex is great. But a little charisma and effort can get you to the goal line a lot easier than it is to earn $750,000. Look, unless Natsu is a super hero who can only maintain his powers through sex with virgins and he’s trying to rescue people from Hurricane Sandy and he’s actually sacrificing so he can power up and save the entire eastern seaboard, this doesn’t make a lot of sense to be. Case in point, the dude who was in the same auction went for about $3,500. That seems like an appropriate going rate to me. Let’s call it 10 to 15K if you really want to stretch it. Maybe I’m missing something? Catarina?

Nope, I’ve covered this from every angle and I’m pretty sure he over paid.

Wait BREAKING NEWS! While he was supposed to stay anonymous, we’ve got exclusive footage of the guy. He’s the one in the hat and he’s already been practicing.

I’m not sure the $750,000 is going to be worth it to Catarina. She’s might not make the whole plane ride with that dude.

Dear Natsu and anyone willing to pay $750,000 for sex. Man Up! Hit the streets and step your game up. It’s sad,  just sad.


When something is labeled “Christian” what does that REALLY mean?

Religion is always a tricky thing. It’s a surefire way to start a fight. I believe in God, but beyond that I think a lot of the rules and details are users choice. God, Allah, Jehovah, Ganesh? Your call. Go to church once a week, once a year, once a day, once a decade? That’s on you. If you don’t want to eat pork and the only song on your iPod is “My God is an Awesome God?” I’ve got no problem with that.

But you know I’m not here to agree with everything so here’s my thing.

The label “Christian” has become a loaded designation. Traditionally, Christian means you believe in God and Christ. It’s a pretty broad definition. There are LOTS of people who fall in that category. It’s actually pretty inclusive, all things considered. But, when something is LABELED Christian, you know you are about to get a tall order of God with a heaping helping of Jesus. It comes with a tall glass of judgment.

If you go on a Christian cruise, if you think you’re just going to be among people who believe in God, you’re wrong. You best believe there will be hand holding and prayer before every meal, a bible in every room, and I guaran-damn-tee there will be a Gospel band on that boat. Depending on your particular flavor of Christianity they may just have a single guitar player or a whole damn band and a 50 man choir.

Or what about the dating sites?

Now this service might just be about making sure two people are planning on getting married in the same church. Trust me…you’re not getting through that date without a good, long talk about Jesus. J-Date, I feel like you’re checking the box, Christian Mingle is different. I’m telling you, they’ve just added all kinds of extra meaning to Christian. I’ve got a pic from some older people who got their Christian Mingle on, they ended up just reading the bible all night.

Look at em. They both think this date is some bullshit. Ol girl thought she was gonna be speaking in tongues tonight. Dude thought he was gonna be getting it, now he’s reading Leviticus. The only reason he tried Christian Mingle is because his boy said he hooked up with a bad chick through the site. It was so good he had to put a little extra in the collection plate that week. We got the video.

So watch out, when you decide to hit up an official Christian event, make sure you brush up on your scripture. You’re gonna need it.


The Interracial Future of America

With the Presidential Debates last night, we all got to think about what is really important to us. For me it is about seeing everyone for their unique perspective. Recognizing what they bring to the table. We all have so much to learn from each other. I personally think the blending and mixing of all the people of America is important. I’ve seen the future and I want to share it with you. Show you how beautiful it can me when black people and white people can come together, no matter the color of their skin.

Even if the color of their skin changes at the neckline. If you got to the local CVS and all they had left was the “cocoa” bottle of self tanner, and you commit to the arms and chest of a black man, you’ve got to go all the way. In this case it would have probably come off like black face, but after seeing the “white face” version of it, I’m personally willing to give him a pass. What can Brown Do For You Indeed.

Feel free to scroll up and down and play “body of a black man”, “head of a white man”. It will provide minutes of entertainment.


The Hulk Hogan Sextape Might Be The Worst…Sextape…Ever

Now,  I normally like to talk people out of watching sex tapes. They are disgusting, they’re never good, they are bad for society, and never as sexy as you think it will be. But the Hulk Hogan sex tape pretty much talks you out of watching it on its own. Here are the only two facts you need about the Hulk Hogan sextape.

1. Hulk Hogan is 59 years old.

2. Hulk Hogan looks like this:

Are you really going to plug “Hulk Hogan Sextape” into Google now. The line has to be drawn somewhere. There are some things you don’t need to see simply because they exist. Why do you need to see a Hulk Hogan sextape. It can’t be because you want to see the Hulkster naked. The guys has been famous for wearing high boots, knee pads and yellow underwear.

Sure, you can watch two men greased up in underwear and boots every Monday, but two pics of Hulk Hogan in one post while talking about a sextape and it’s starting to get really gay in here isn’t it?

Why did the Hulkster wait this long to rock the sex tape? I mean dude was on top for a solid 20 years through the 80’s and 90’s. You know he was out there making little Hulkamaniacs all over the country. He should have got the sex tape done when he could still actually feel his knees.

Okay, if you have to watch the sextape, go ahead. There is one good reason to watch the tape. The woman in the tape, Heather Clem.

At least the Hulkster is still pulling down top shelf quality. While Hogan was surprised by the tape, I love the fact that he was NOT surprised by the fact that he could randomly bang out a bad chick upon walking into a random bedroom at his friends house.

That’s all I need to know that Hulk has been getting with the ladies since the eighties. I feel like I’m closer to one of my childhood heroes. Vitamins, Prayers, Training, Steroids and Tail.

Team Us.



The comments are too good to risk people missing them, check it:

Slick Jefferson: I can’t bring myself to watch that tape.  I can’t ever think about The Hulkster and the 24-inch, err, pythons doing anything else.

Mr. Jezus: Someone tell me he at least did the Hulk Shirt rip before he laid it down?

Ian Summers: I just want to know from someone who watched the video, how many times did he refer to her as “brother!”?

Brock (yeah, I’m quoting myself in the third person):  I hear when he pulled his dack out he looked at ol girl and said “WHAT ‘CHA GONNA DOOOO?”


Man Up Monday: The Uppercut Heard Round The World

I got this video so many times at the end of last week I just stopped opening the links. It is a video off a bus driver who just can’t take it anymore when a girl starts talking a little too much and decides to take measures into his own hands.

Before we get to it, let’s review one of the main issues with society today. With all the talk of jobs, economy, gas prices, accountability and innovation, there is one fundamental rule that has been forgotten. People have forgotten that if you talk too much shit, you might get knocked the fuck out. Now I’m all for equality, and I believe you should never, ever hit a woman, but women need to remember how to act like a lady if you want to get treated like a lady. This chick is not a lady.

I don’t know how that fight started, but it sure ended quickly. I’ve never even seen a boxer throw an opening uppercut. That bus driver decided it was time to throw a punch and wanted to make sure it was a one punch fight. Dude didn’t go to the grab and throw, the rough shake, or the aggressive shove. No warning. He didn’t even set it up with the jab. He just went ahead and went right to the uppercut. It wasn’t the first time he’s thrown that punch either. He brings that punch from his knees like he learned how to throw from Tim Tebow himself.

He plants that lead leg and pushes right up from the floor of the bus. I’m surprised his fist didn’t light on fire and lift him up into the air.

I actually can’t believe old girl got back up and kept talking shit. She must have woken back up when he got thrown off the bus. That was the moment where she should have had a serious “shit just got real” moment and backed off. Instead, she comes right back for more. That joint really did come off like a video game fight.

(Shout to @Catf1sh for tweeting that one out)

Here’s the life lesson. Just go through life as if the person you are talking to just might knock you the fuck out. The internet made people think you can jut talk junk anonymously without any consequences. If everyone assumes the person across from them will whoop that ass, we would have a much more civil society. You think Mitt Romney would have been talking all that junk in the Republican Debate if he thought Barack was going to stroll across the stage and drop him with that power left? (Barack looked like he wanted to do it a few times) Nah, Mitt would have stayed in his lane. Sure, this rule would put World Star Hip Hop out of business because their street fighting video supply would dry up, but the world would be a better place. I’m not saying everyone actually has to punch anyone else in the face, I’m just saying everyone should understand it is possible.

Also, if you encounter a bus driver who winks, twitches then flashes for a second, watch out, he’s about to throw that classic Mike Tyson’s Punchout uppercut.

That punch is unstoppable, all you can do is know the signs and dodge it. Maybe ol girl will shape up her skills and learn for next time.

That bus driver loses his job and gets arrested in 5…4…3…2…


Update Your Player Calendars: It’s Cuffing Season!

The Player Calendar continues to get built out. We identified Players New Year a few years ago. For those who don’t know, you can check out that article HERE. Players New Year is also know as Valentines Day for most people. But for a player, that is the day when you have to choose a chick on your roster or let em all go.

Unless you are really pimpin.

If so, carry on.

But there is a new update to the players calendar. It’s known as “cuffing season”. Cuffing season begins now people so it is time to get yourself together. Really it may already be too late. When it gets cold outside it is time to get yourself a cuff. You ever tried to work these streets in the winter? It’s brutal. Chicks don’t want to come out in the rain and snow when it is cold. You can’t even get to these women. Does this woman look like she’s coming out of the house if she doesn’t have to?

Hells no. She’s not coming out and neither is any other woman. Let’s be honest it’s the off season. No reason to waste game time level effort playing pickup ball. So what you need to do is find a lady and lock her down. I’m not talking about a ball and chain, I’m talking about a voluntary handcuff to get you through the winter.

That way you can reserve your energy and come out in the spring full of energy and ready for the season. I’m a firm believer in cuffing season. Hell, I took a redshirt cuffing year in college just to work on my game.

Just make sure you don’t miss the cutoff date. I’m not saying it’s impossible out there, but you gotta think about wasted effort out there. Don’t run up hills if you don’t have to.

I know some members of  Team Us already have their cuffing game down. Are there any other player holidays out there? The first good warm day that brings all the ladies back out?

Now, while I like the image of cuffing season, I was never too crazy about the name. Until I realized “Cuff” spelled backwards is “Ffuc”. And that’s what cuffing season is really all about. I’m with it.


Dear Ladies: You May Win A Few Battles, But I Have Evidence Men Have Already Won The War

When I was about to write this post about women who think it is a good idea to take stripper….errrrrrr….pole dancing classes, I thought to myself…”I can’t believe I haven’t already done this post”. Then I looked through the archives and saw that I have already done this post and it is hilarious. You should go back and read it NOW.

The pole dancing classes have not stopped though, so apparently:

1. I think too much of my own ability to change the world.

2. I can actually change the world, but some people aren’t referring to their standard issue “Team Us” handbooks on a daily basis.

3. Bitches be trippin.

4. I need to further clarify my position on this topic because I was rolling through the rough and rugged streets of LA (yes those are palm trees in the background) and saw this:

Ladies in  the greater Los Angeles area, feel free to call that number. You can tell these are creative and innovative people because the second “d” is goddess is a woman hanging upside down from one leg grabbing her 5 inch platform heel to make her body arch into the shape of the letter d. Both creative and inspiring. Because nothing says fitness and cardio health like hanging upside down from one leg.

Let’s cover the easy stuff first, let’s just say, for the sake of argument, that climbing and hanging from a pole and developing the ability to slide down said pole at varying speeds and in various positions has some sort of physiological value. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt on that, why does your “sport” require four inch tall glass heels? Why can’t women go to your gym in the stuff they wear in every other gym? Where are the tights, Nike Free’s, and sports bras? If you aren’t a stripper or training to be one, why is stripper gear required?

No one has ever put on that outfit and thought to themselves, “Time for my workout”. The only two options are “time to go take these clothes right back off for money”, or, “time to go shake everything I’ve got for this music video.” It’s also the outfit that gets handed out at the top of the slippery slope that ends in prostitution.

These classes are being sold to women as something that will teach you how to “keep your man happy”, or “get a man” or “keep your man”. It’s being sold as something that will help you get married.

Ladies if you don’t see that as a sign of the female apocalypse, you should. Do you really believe your man will not leave you because you know how to pole dance? Do you think the ability to hang upside down by one knee is a trait we are looking for in a wife? If somehow society has convinced women that acting like a stripper is the way to our heart…men have already won.

Don’t get me wrong, you will attract men like a moth to a flame. But there is no way I’m ever marrying a woman with a stripper pole installed in her bedroom. 0% chance. On the other hand, the chances I will tell all my friends I hooked up with a chick with a functional stripper pole in her bedroom? 100% Every time. Multiple times. I’m putting it on a t-shirt.

That’s how we think about it, so don’t get tricked. This also goes for women going to “booty pop” classes to learn how to make your ass clap. That’s something we want to rent, not buy. Also, if you actually make your money in strip clubs, please carry on. I appreciate you going to classes to get better at your chosen profession. Your hard work really shows up in the field.

Don’t say I’ve never tried to help anyone.


Introducing the Brooklyn Nets and the Brooklynettes…Get It? Brooklyn…nettes?

Now that the NBA season is approaching, now that the Brooklyn Nets finally have their stadium, now that information is starting to leak about the Nets,now that I’ve given them every chance to change their minds along the way, it’s finally time to confront the facts about the Brooklyn Nets.

I know Jay-Z owns some ridiculously small percentage of the Brooklyn Nets…I also know it is still expensive to own 1% of an NBA basketball franchise, but the Nets have basically hitched their whole identity to Brooklyn. Not even the real version of Brooklyn, that caricature “Brooklawn son version of Brooklyn. The black and white jerseys that are brand new but somehow already look like Mitchell & Ness throwback jerseys, and t-shirts that look like they were designed by someone who really loves him some Spike Lee joints. I mean look at this thing.

Shoes hanging from power lines? The first team t-shirt refers to something that may or may not be an underground drug turf marker? Next season they will be debuting shirts built around a giant slice of pizza, Junior’s Cheesecake, a taxi cab and thinking New York is the center of the universe. I hear the snack servers inside are going to ask you if you want peanuts, and when you say yes, they aren’t going to give you the peanuts. They’re just going to look at you and say GET DA FUKK OUTTA HEAH! No snack sales. All in the name of keepin it real. They are pandering to these people.

Who ever is in charge of the design for the Brooklyn Nets is either really excited they have a completely blank palette, or they just want to see how much shit they can get away with before someone stops them. I can just hear the marketing meetings. When your owner is a Russian Billionaire, it is probably easy to sell the stereotypical version of New York. “More Brooklyn Bridge, ya? Is good. Very New York.”

All that is bad, but they completely lost it on the cheerleader uniforms.

You have to appreciate the streetwalker motif. Here’s to hoping the boots actually make the final cut. Short shorts? Two kinds of short shorts? Is that a half glove I see? Let’s break em down one by one?

Look 1: Short shorts, natch. But they also invented a completely new form of clothing.

The bikini top hoodie? That doesn’t actually exist anywhere else in nature. Is that for when you’re cold but still REALLY like the idea of being naked? Or when you want to be cute, but still want to make sure people know you’re from the skreets? I think the latter…

Look 2: Standard cheerleader.

These look pretty standard from this angle, but if you go back up and look at the top picture, you will see that they’ve cleverly replaced the second “O” in Brooklyn…with boobs. So this will now be referred to as the “BroOOklyn” version: Inspired by Hooters. Also, they are wearing walking shoes usually reserved for old people walking through malls.

Look 3: Replacement Ref

Do you know the only thing worse than striped pants?

Striped pants that are only striped on the front. Yup. Like a referee ninja. If you make a bad call, you just turn around..and disappear.

Finally, to make sure the Nets are pulling out all the stops here, they also went with the worst, most unsexy idea in all of basketball, the dunking cheerleader.

No one wants that. If it is your fetish (and I’m sure it is someone’s fetish), please explain why.  Because she is clearly cute if she was simply standing on solid ground. Flying through the air isn’t helping…although the more I look, the way she’s biting her bottom lip kinda…No dunking cheerleaders are not sexy,  FINAL ANSWER.