Us Versus Them Update

Team Us:

I don’t know if anyone still comes to check out the site, but since the next step has happened, it felt weird not to post something here.


So I’m working on A TV show, it comes out in a few weeks.  The show is Bad Judge on NBC and it’s really funny.  You should check it out.  I’m trying to drop a little UvT style comedy in there for my people.  Thanks again to everyone who read this site, you are part of the reason I got there and got to make all of this come true.

Also, and because I don’t have anywhere to put this stuff up anymore.


Isn’t Tinder just an electronic version of the Binary scale?  I should be getting paid for that somehow.

The wild nude photo hacking leak?  Whoa.  As you well know, I wouldn’t look at the pictures for myself…but uhhh, for the purposes of research and you here at UvT, I’m sure I would have found a way to do the proper research and analysis.  You know, for science.

I miss March Madnass as much as you do.  The Instagram Era would have made a huge difference.

I hate the internet right now.  What the hell are the rest of you reading because I hate every website I go to.

-Brock…errrrrr… Robb

Is This Racist? News Station Gets Pranked

This ACTUALLY HAPPENED on the news in San Francisco. Who types up the teleprompter? [Read more…]

Mark Sanchez – Instagram Video Claims its First Victim!

Everyone wanted to celebrate when Instagram came out with video a few weeks ago. Sure, we’ve had cameras and video on our phone for years, but there is something about flipping out those quick videos on your phone that just doesn’t seem right. You’re telling me I could ill advisedly help a young lady’s 21st birthday special in Vegas and end up in full video on the internet before the song is over? That is the worst. There’s no good reason for information to travel that quickly. [Read more…]

Paula Deen is Racist…Surprises No One

Apparently Paula Deen uses the N-word.


I actually love the fact that Paula Deen is keeping it real. You all know you’ve said some terrible, racist stuff when in your home and in the company of your friends. I’m gonna give Paula Deen credit for not being a liar like the rest of us. If you think about it, there is really nowhere for her to hide. [Read more…]

Vladimir Putin Jacked Robert Kraft For his Superbowl Ring

Patriots owner Robert Kraft travelled to Russia in 2005 and visited Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Patriots had just won back to back Super Bowls and Kraft got to meet the Russian President as part of his travels. Kraft was showing off his new ring and handed it to Putin for a better look. Then Putin decided he must have called some plays for the Pats back in 2005 too because he decided the ring looked good on him. [Read more…]

Us Versus Them TV: Rules of the Gym

Another episode of UvTv is UP. (You should really be subscribed to the Channel at this point. CLICK HERE to Subscribe) But check out our latest episode. The only rule you really need to remember is “no nipples in the gym”.

[Read more…]

Worst. Arrest. Ever. The OTHER Side of the NBA

Everyone thinks pro athletes have it easy. Everyone thinks once you make it to the NBA your life is set. Fame, million dollar contracts, free stuff everything. Sure, we all hear about the big meltdowns. The guys who earned $120 million over the course of their career who end up getting their yachts repossessed, but there are dudes who just slide out of the back of the league and no one even notices. [Read more…]

Barack Obama and Barbara Bush Locked in Fierce Competition

I just don’t know what kind of competition it is.

Obama Barb Bush OFace

But if I had to guess, I’m thinking it is a “who has the best orgasm face” competition. Barack is locked in head veins and all, and Barbara is just shocked it’s happening.

Any other guesses?