(aka the best popular culture/sports/hip-hop/ladies/politics blog in the history of the internets)

Us Versus Them is the only site on the internet where keeping it real just isn’t good enough. If you want to be one of Us, you’ve got to keep yourself tight, you’ve got to keep your shit tight, you’ve got to be able to detect a killer tail game at 20 paces, and you better roll with a crew that has their shit together too, otherwise you are going down…hard. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter why it happened, there are no excuses. If you fall under the critical gaze of Brock or Lake, prepare to be exposed.

Doesn’t sound like you? Then you’re one of Them. So Fack You.


aka The Thighmaster

Brock is a cross between your best friend and your irritably wise uncle — meaning that he is almost never wrong and there’s nothing you can do about it. He can distill any bit of popular culture down to its most hilarious essence in a snap, and steers the UvT ship towards quality always. His ability to be effortlessly funny and sharp in no time at all puts him in the rare company of Jerry Seinfeld and, well, almost no one else.

He is also holds a doctorate as the worlds leading Professor of Assology, and is known in popular culture as the Father of Tailonomics. Brock can’t say that he’s never met an ass he didn’t like…he has. But he definitely has never met an ass that he can’t break down from every angle possible, from the back of the thigh to those dimples in the small of the back, he knows how to tell exactly what the ladies are working with.

Brock’s proclivities include an oddly sentimental despair at the downfall of Britney Spears, the demand that every week starts off on a good note by helping someone Man Up, and sharing the way the UvT looks at the world with the people. Which, of course, is the right way of looking at the world.

aka the Man in Mink

Lake is the wily rogue of UvT, the pimperish Anakin Skywalker of the duo. Lake can break the game down in two syllables but prefers five, and we’re always grateful for the extra three. Think of Lake the way starry-eyed journalists think of Babe Ruth — someone who’s never afraid to down a few and mix it up with the commenters and always has one.. (err) three eyes out for the ladies. If Brock is the compass, Lake is the engine.

As the story goes, Lake got his hands on N.W.A.’s “Efil 4 Zaggin”, and It fundamentally changed his outlook on life. He still tells chicks “It don’t matter, just don’t bite it”. He will always remind you that he’s the world’s coolest white boy, even when he tries to push it a little too far

Lake’s proclivities include an always unseasonably warm passion for Duke Basketball, flying with Geese of the Grey variety, and wearing a full-length fur coat even when it is unseasonably warm.