Us Versus Them Update

Team Us:

I don’t know if anyone still comes to check out the site, but since the next step has happened, it felt weird not to post something here.


So I’m working on A TV show, it comes out in a few weeks.  The show is Bad Judge on NBC and it’s really funny.  You should check it out.  I’m trying to drop a little UvT style comedy in there for my people.  Thanks again to everyone who read this site, you are part of the reason I got there and got to make all of this come true.

Also, and because I don’t have anywhere to put this stuff up anymore.


Isn’t Tinder just an electronic version of the Binary scale?  I should be getting paid for that somehow.

The wild nude photo hacking leak?  Whoa.  As you well know, I wouldn’t look at the pictures for myself…but uhhh, for the purposes of research and you here at UvT, I’m sure I would have found a way to do the proper research and analysis.  You know, for science.

I miss March Madnass as much as you do.  The Instagram Era would have made a huge difference.

I hate the internet right now.  What the hell are the rest of you reading because I hate every website I go to.

-Brock…errrrrr… Robb


  1. I have nothing to read on the internet since you left me I’m glad to see things are going great with you and I will tune in to bad judge

  2. fourtunesfool says:

    I still check in sometime in hopes ya’ll might be back…good luck man.

  3. I miss the site too! March Madnass was the BUSINESS! I think I pretty much just gave up pop blogs altogether! Glad to see you posted something and congrats on the developments! Check out my new project when you get a chance too!

  4. yo yo .. what it dew !
    congrats on the writing gig … I haven’t peeped it yet but I will soon

  5. Zero Tolerance says:

    Was looking through some old files. Had something saved from UvT on Rachael McAdams. IDK why.

    So I came back. Sorry about Bad Judge being cancelled. Hope you found more work.

    I myself am currently writing video game reviews at

    At least you are pursuing your dream.