Mark Sanchez – Instagram Video Claims its First Victim!

Everyone wanted to celebrate when Instagram came out with video a few weeks ago. Sure, we’ve had cameras and video on our phone for years, but there is something about flipping out those quick videos on your phone that just doesn’t seem right. You’re telling me I could ill advisedly help a young lady’s 21st birthday special in Vegas and end up in full video on the internet before the song is over? That is the worst. There’s no good reason for information to travel that quickly.

So of course someone was going to be hanging out with cameras in the room and the 15 second video was going to bring him down. If you had to guess who that would be…I’d vote for a guy who thinks it’s a good idea to wear a 9-year old’s headband in public.


People want to hate on Mark Sanchez, but the dude is living the life as far as I’m concerned. He left college after one year to get a starting job playing football in NY, and clearly can pull any chick he wants for just walking down the street. I mean how happy do you need to be, how GOOD IS LIFE when you’re just hanging out with a couple young chicks and things are going so well you do this.


Please rest assured, this post took so long to go up because I wanted to try to avoid posting man azz on this forum. I’m pretty sure this violates Rule #1. But I can’t properly address the situation without the footage.


That large space above is exactly the amount of space I needed to make the endless loop of Mark Sanchez’s ass stop. I’ll assume it has given you enough space as well. You’re welcome.

Anyway, back to the problem with this video. Sports people want to talk about whether this is going to have an impact on his contract negotiations, or if this displays the right kind of leadership for your football team. That’s completely losing the point of this video. Ben Rothlesberger has a dozen horrible stories about him, you think he hasn’t done a little dick dancing in his time? You think Tom Brady hasn’t danced around for Gisele with his ass out? I bet you he does. I’ve got evidence too.



If you want to break down the impact of this video, we’ve got to start with the fact that this video isn’t for us. He’s there are AT LEAST three chicks in that room. Someone is videotaping. There’s wine, there’s music, I’m gonna go ahead and assume the Mark got with at least two of them before the night was over. We should be breaking this video down like the damn Zapruder film to find out how to set up a threesome. He’s introduced nudity into the evening, he’s “fun”, all he needs is for one or more of those ladies to have decided to wear her fancy matching underwear that makes her feel sexy and this deal is as good as closed. (And let’s be honest…they’re partying with Mark Sanchez. They came prepared)

But everyone else has been warned. This instagram video stuff is gonna be a problem. Except for the ladies…keep twerkin. (That might be the greatest link I’ve ever found. Click on it, but be aware it is probably NSFW level 2 – Defined as “is this safe?”)



  1. Mr. Jezus says:

    Dude got grandson of GOD ran off his team. Signed a new contract that he did not deserve. He was smashing Kate Upton round them Cat Daddy and Dougie days. Now dick dancing with random 1’s.

    Think a lil Instagram video is going to stop Dirty Sanchez?

    Not neva

  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    HOLE UP!

    After commenting I clicked the twerk link to take a peek see. I was good man, shit was wobbling along….then I seent that heaux meaux in the video…..So man assed us twice in one post. Das fucked up

    My day is ruint.

    Thanks asshole…

  3. Mr. Jezus says:

    Should read “you man assed us twice*

    Shit got me all fucked up I can’t even type.

    Damn it!