Is This Racist? News Station Gets Pranked

This ACTUALLY HAPPENED on the news in San Francisco. Who types up the teleprompter?

Doesn’t the fact that you just mindlessly run these names down without realizing what’s going on a little racist? Come on, at least a little. Captain Sum Ting Wong?

I just realized something. Is it even more racist if these REALLY ARE the names and now I’m the racist one? Someone sign me up for cultural sensitivity training, stat.



  1. Mr. Jezus says:


  2. Funny as hell…and dude got fired, too! ——->

  3. Jville78 says:

    Man! This use to be the first site I always came to. To get Brock’s take on the world. Now with the updates so few and far between. Its getting harder and harder to keep supporting this site. It has dropped off majorly.

    • Jville78

      I appreciate you still coming to check it out. Got a lot going on. I probably owe all the loyal readers an explanation. Maybe I’ll drop something this week

  4. Brock, should we put out an APB?..amber alert…bat signal that pimp down???

  5. Mr. Jezus says:

    They been winning for years…


    F’kin turrible

  6. ConAssSeur says:

    Anyone have any good blogs to recommend? I need some entertainment.