Vladimir Putin Jacked Robert Kraft For his Superbowl Ring

Patriots owner Robert Kraft travelled to Russia in 2005 and visited Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Patriots had just won back to back Super Bowls and Kraft got to meet the Russian President as part of his travels. Kraft was showing off his new ring and handed it to Putin for a better look. Then Putin decided he must have called some plays for the Pats back in 2005 too because he decided the ring looked good on him.

Putin-ring1-620x432It was a great moment until the meeting was over and Vlad decided he had somewhere else he needed to be. That’s when Putin dropped the championship ring into his pocket and rolled the hell out.

XXX KRAFTS RING  SD 1746.JPG S RUSI guess eight years was long enough for Robert Kraft to hold his tongue. He called the White House back in 2005 to ask their advice and George Bush n’dem told him to go ahead and let it ride. I guess the time got to him, because Kraft is finally speaking out about getting his ring taken. People don’t really understand how the whole thing went down, but you know UvT always has the exclusives. We’ve got video of the whole conversation.

I’m thinking Robert Kraft might want to simmer down on accusing the REAL “most interesting man in the world” of stealing his ring. He’s threatening THIS DUDE.

gun_width_600xI’m pretty sure there aren’t too many Presidents in history who look that comfortable with a gun in their hand. He knows how to use it too.

putin_1768930bHey Robert Kraft, have you ever shot a tiger? Have you ever survived a night in the jungle surrounded by Russian thugs? Look maybe he didn’t kill the tiger, but he’s petting the tiger like he knows who would win the fight if the tiger woke back up and it ain’t the tiger, okay? Robert Kraft might want to simmer down on all the shit talking about the missing ring. I’m pretty sure Vladimir Putin can make people disappear if he wants to.

Hey Robert Kraft, I think the average Super Bowl ring runs about $15,000. You might be a little attached to it, but I’m pretty sure you could get another one. Putin already has your old ring sitting up in the Kremlin on display. He’s not thinking about giving it back. In fact, Putin is so gangster his office just called to say they will shoot Robert Kraft a ring of equal value. Robert Kraft might just want to holler at Jostens and have them whip up a replacement.


For the first time ever, I’m with George Bush. Some things ain’t worth it man. Let it go.




  1. Can’t go wrong with the Wire. I was just referencing Omar (RIP) being taken out by that little devil today. It still ain’t right he went out like that. Yeah I know David Simon wanted to show circle of violence and randomness and but eff the themes this wasn’t AP English.

  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    the Wire might be my favoritist show ever…

    R.I.P to Tony Soprano…