Paula Deen is Racist…Surprises No One

Apparently Paula Deen uses the N-word.


I actually love the fact that Paula Deen is keeping it real. You all know you’ve said some terrible, racist stuff when in your home and in the company of your friends. I’m gonna give Paula Deen credit for not being a liar like the rest of us. If you think about it, there is really nowhere for her to hide.  Do you know how deep in the South you have to go to find a White woman who gets this excited about biscuits?

paula-deen biscuits


You have to drive clear through Alabama, stopping only to pick up a case of moonshine and a handle of molasses, take a hard left at Mississippi, trade whatever you’re driving in for a pickup truck and if you drive precisely 88 miles per hour directly into a Waffle House you will hear a whip-crack and magically be transported Back To the Future style to a “better time” when “things were simple” and “people knew their place”. Once there you will find Paula Deen and be able to taste the biscuits she’s so excited about.

You know slavery wasn’t that long ago, right? Harriet Tubman literally died 100 years ago. Paula Deen is 66. That means her grandfather knew people who were freed from slavery. It’s okay. If we lined up the white people who just dropped a N-bomb in sync with a Jay-Z lyric, the line would wrap around the planet twice. Are we gonna call all of them out too? Does it make Paula’s 36 variations on a recipe for Fried Chicken any less delicious? No it doesn’t. Trust me, she’s much more embarrassed and will be remembered more for this moment.

It isn’t a big deal people. Except for that “we should have people dress up as slaves for a wedding” part. That’s pretty racist. But don’t worry, she’ll be backpedalling on that one any second now…



  1. Mr. Jezus says:

    The faux outrage over the “n-word” is fucking dumb. Find me one person, not a gaggle of folks, just 1 that has never used the word. Go head I’ll wait….

  2. that dude says:

    Of course she must be crushed beneath the heel of our collective boot. Racist white people get so many free passes. If they don’t get checked some time, than We’ll have slavery BACK in effect by 2025. It’s not like she won’t get another job in six months. No white person fired for racism has ever stayed unemployed.

  3. G The Intern says:

    I thought it was over reaction when I heard the outrage initially but as I watched the clips, I understand the outrage. First off, you have to understand the context under which this news came about. She was being sued by an employee who charges racial harassment and said Paula uses the N Word at work. Sure Jay Z says the word but think about how you’d feel if your boss was calling you a nigger or saying the word nigger at your job. [Note: I intentionally used the actual word so people could read it and see how disgusting it feels to hear when you don’t use the “PC” version.) When Paula uses the word, she’s referring DIRECTLY back to the word as it was used in slavery, Jim Crow and by the KKK. It was used to dehumanize Black people so that white people could rape, torture, humiliate, and enslave human beings with a clear conscious. Nothing more, nothing less. That’s a very important distinction to make because we still have people in this day and age who don’t just want to give racists a pass, they want to give SLAVERY a pass. They want to act like it was some kind of voluntary servitude or even a kind act that saved Africans from their primitive existence in Africa. People are ACTIVELY trying to rewrite history so slavery is seen as “not that bad.” Paula Deen tells the “sad” story about how her grandfather’s “workers” were freed and he committed suicide because it was too much work and too much change for him. FUKADDAHERE with that!!! Slavery was an ABOMINATION and Paula’s romanticizing of it and use of the word, Nigger, should affect her livelihood. It’s bad enough that much of her family’s wealth was earned on the backs of African slaves, we shouldn’t sit by and allow her to make millions while humiliating the descendants of the people her ancestors enslaved. White people have plenty of privileges due to their history in this country, comfortably using the word “Nigger” shouldn’t be one of them.