With Respects to Mike Tyson, THIS is now the Greatest Video I’ve Ever Seen

Last week, I wrote an entire post about the greatest YouTube video I had ever seen. The reign of Mike Tyson will only last one week because some Korean rapper named PSY has already outdone it.

WARNING: There is absolutely not a single word in this song you will understand unless you are one of my Korean fans. You two know who you are. SURPRISE BONUS: Music truly knows no language. You will know exactly what is going on here. Enjoy. Don’t play yourself and turn it off early either, he rocks from start to end.

Let’s break it down in UvT vision, shall we?

0:10 Yeah, I thought he was saying “Open Condom style” too.

0:20 I thought the little kid dancing was the greatest thing ever until PSY broke out that perfectly executed Triple H style water spray in the background.

0:35 That dance would be completely ridiculous if he didn’t have so much confidence. No I don’t know why trash is flying around either.

0:39 Why do I get the feeling he didn’t tell those chicks it was going to snow?

0:55 That girl in the converse shoes is kinda thick. My bad.

0:58 If a dude in the sauna ever starts to pop and lock, feel free to get the fuck out of there as soon as possible.

1:09 Explosion! Unnecessary. But also not fake there is legitimately stuff burning in the background back there.

1:11 Wasn’t that dance in the Will Smith Wild Wild West video? (cued up for your viewing pleasure. Sisqo was on that track? Wow)

1:26 That dance has never appeared anywhere ever. Yet it is still the greatest dance I’ve ever seen. I don’t know why were are horses in the shot, but they make it feel classy.

1:37 Gotta appreciate an ass shot of a chick with no ass. Complete with rewind like she’s a member of the Official Twerk Team.

1:42 Awwwww shit, dance battle! Nice kicks.

1:55 How long to you have to be pumping in an elevator before the door opens mere inches above a dudes head to ensure you are pumping when the doors open? Also…socks and sandals…aaaaand that green shirt might be a dress. I’ll assume that’s Korean humor.

2:12 Even NFL Rookies on draft day think that shirt has too many buttons.

2:23 What you gonna do about that Hammer?

2:48 Sorry I actually got up and did that little shuffle dance. By myself. At the crib.

3:20 Bollywood style!

3:44 Awwww, you thought it was over? IT AIN’T OVER!

3:58 That final shuffle kills the game.

I’m worn out after that one. Downloading Gangnam Style for the UvT windows up playlist immediately.



  1. XXBomberXX says:

    I realize this dude is the exception and not the rule…..However I’ve been peeping for a while and Orientals.. or Asians.. or whatever the nice thing to call them have ALOT of swag. Again I know this dudes swag is on a hundred thousand million for video purposes. But the way they dress, the shit they are into is just dope. They’re just a spooky and mysterious people to me. That being said they are still only getting the Swag silver medal because American blacks have that shit on lock. But nillas better step it up if they want to even remain on the podium in the bronze position.

  2. @ 3:27 – mixed in the bollywood shuffle is the korean hugh hefner

  3. Slick Jefferson says:

    Epic video, does just what a video is supposed to do: make you watch. Even with negative arse chicas and potential rule no. 1 violations this joint stays poppin’… in a windows-up kinda way.

  4. Mr. Jezus says:


    Did anyone notice the Stanky Leg they threw in there?

    That Gangnam shuffle is apparently game over. Brock, I don’t blame you for breaking out the shuffle. I am going to practice that shit myself. Start breaking it out right after I slap the big dranks and dounuts out of fatties hands. Start yelling “Open Condum Style!”

    When I whip folks ass in FF this year…..Gangnam Shuffle

    Drop a dollop…..Gangnam Shuffle

  5. Ian M. Summers says:

    @ Bomber

    I think Puerto Ricans are hanging onto that Bronze at the moment. We white folks are wlking around in our Dockers and deck shoes, on the outside looking in.