Things to DEFINITELY Google: USC Song Girls

I know we are a bit out of football season, but sometimes you need some off season work to make sure you are prepared for the season. I’ve been a long time supporter of the USC Cheerleaders. While I usually give most of the props to the Oregon cheerleaders, USC always has something really classy about them.

Now in most of my searches on the internet, I’ve come up with a long list of things you should never google without safe search. Fire hose. Hot pocket. The 69 Boys. But, somehow in my travels through California I found out the true name  of the USC Cheerleaders. So instead of getting a few random pics you magically get the mother lode of pictures. So this is something you should DEFINITELY Google.  “USC Song Girls”. It’s crazy.

Here’s a representative picture.

You get all kinds of vacation pictures. Candid shots. Stretching during warmups. All that. Just because I haven’t done it in a while, I’ve going to have to binary scale this picture.

1,1, the height is giving me pause but 1, 1, 1, gimpy ankle 1, as tall as chick number three and giving me much less pause 1, hardest decision of the day 1, 1, 1, 1, 1. Yeah, all 1’s. See what I’m saying? These ladies are phenomenal. Find me another cheerleading squad in the land that doesn’t have a few bottom of the pyramid chicks. Nawlmsayin?



  1. That might be the first ever straight 1 vote in the history of UvT.

  2. Blizzard says:

    The USC Song Girls consistently have the biggest and best tits in college cheerleading and wear the spectacularly sexy signature trademark custom-made super-tight, bust-enhancing, bosom-accentuating, figure-flattering, form-fitting white turtleneck and mockneck sweaters which makes their huge tits stick out through the fabric at all Trojan events.

  3. maximuscaligula says:

    If you like to see more of the notoriously huge-breasted USC Song Girls sticking out their big tits in their super-tight white sweaters check out and join my yahoo group, USCSongGirlsInTightSweaters.