Bad Idea Alert: Strip Clubs Are NOT Photo Ops

Technology is not all good. The fact that there are hundreds of cameraphones around everywhere you go is probably not a great idea. On the good side, it means we get more taser videos and Facebook pictures of drunk chicks, but it also means people are taking pictures in places they should never be taking pictures. So in honor of my trip to Vegas this weekend, I want to make sure EVERYONE understands there is no need to take pictures on Saturday night in the Spearmint Rhino of the really rowdy dudes in the back. Got it?

In the era of Twitter, everything is a photo op, but celebs don’t just want to create an urban legend by dropping $100K in the club. They want to spread it all over the internet.

Take for example member of Team Us and UvT Fave Kevin Hart. He attended the grand opening of King of Diamonds Atlanta (As if Atlanta needed another strip club)

Everything is cool. He’s ready to go. Then all hell breaks loose.

Money flying everywhere like it got photoshopped back in. Who the hell is taking these pictures? Since when did strip clubs start allowing people to take pictures? Because they need to post that shit at the door. I’m going to guess about 95% of the clientele at a strip club does not want their picture taken. Meanwhile, this dude is getting angles and panoramic views like he’s the damn Annie Liebovitz of strip clubs. He’s taking shots like he set up a tripod in this spot. He’s probably got umbrella lighting, he’s making exposure adjustments to capture action pics, all that.

I don’t know what these ladies are being paid to do, but I do know that brother in the red shirt wasn’t planning on being photographed in that strip club. He can’t even hide. People will be like, “We know it’s you, we can see your high top fade. No one else still has that haircut.” I feel bad for the dude.

Side note. I’m sure the chick with the blue mohawk thinks she’s on some really alternative unique shit, but those granny draws/lace spanx she’s rocking are not hot. I know, I know all the other girls have on thongs with their ass out, so I’m going to cover my entire ass as well as my entire body up to my armpits so I’ll stand out. AHNT.

As much as I hate these pictures, you know I need the “too many black boxes”  action shot.

Three girls, six boxes and a few of the boxes are covering things in places where there shouldn’t be any things to cover. Like is that box on her back covering an ass crack? I don’t feel like we’re at an angle where we should see crack. Can’t call it.

I will say Kevin Hart reacted the same way I would if someone was taking pictures of me in the strip club.

I’d be screaming “Put those damn phones away!”

Meanwhile a titty black box slipped in to that picture. I didn’t see it over there until right now. Titties everywhere. I clearly need to amend  a few of the man laws because this isn’t something we need to be perpetuating. Rule #16: No pictures in strip clubs. There. I did it.





  1. that dude says:

    You’re the new strip club in a very competitive environment – Atlanta. You invite the hottest young single dude out there in the comedy game and take pictures of him having a good time in the club to tell the world your club is banging.

    But single or not, this is a bad idea for Kevin. You can’t tell me his doesn’t mess with endorsement money somewhere in his life and he’ll never know it. Some black woman sr. vp is gonna see these pix and he’s not gonna get a check as a result.

  2. They did it big all week long for this opening. After all the shenanigans at the old body tap they closed it down, gave it a cut and shave and reopened. But erry time i been to strip club here they go they send you back to car wit your phone. This just must a been some special shiznit night. Cus ur right no one EVER wants to be photo’d in da club.