World’s Greatest Dance Instructor

Reigning UvT Fantasy Football champion KCTheTruth shot me a hot video on Twitter yesterday. The art of assology is always evolving, but it is a science of observation. Assology was never designed to really be instructional. But I think I’ve found a partner who aligns with the spirit and principles of Assology. Her instructional video may be as important as any of the work I’ve done over the last few years. It’s truly remarkable and revolutionary. This is for the women of UvT. I expect you to be working at home and I’ll be asking you to submit homework videos showing your progress. On to the video. I’ll call it a low 3 on the UvT NSFW scale.

That’s right. She took a standard issue Asian booty (her words…not mine) and made it clap. Work from the core ladies and keep everything else relaxed. She’s really applying that science to it. This is about as unexpected as ass can get right there. I thought you either had it or you don’t. I’m going to reach out to her and get you ladies an instructional video on how to pop a single cheek. Thank me later.



I was thinking about watching reviewing the video again and it’s hilarious how she really implies that you should just work on the back bend…maybe before a few weeks…before you get into full on ass clappin. She really doesn’t want to be responsible for any injuries out there. Also, who is she teaching? Do non-stripper chicks just hang at home putting time into an ass clap? Like it that a finishing move when a babe wants to get married? It would probably work.  But damn.


  1. Mr. Jezus says:

    If you can get the 180, or the 90 on that side view, this ninja might could have a chance in Ass Clappin August!

  2. Mr. Jezus says:

    Speaking of ACA, you might wanna test the bandwidth. Minimum requirements will be gifs, but 1-2 min vids would be better.

    Prolly should be in HD too. I mean we will be judging some important shit.

  3. Mr. Jezus says:

    On the update:

    Your right. If urryday brawds would take the time to learnt this……kyatt!

    Imagine, you come from a hard day of bullshitting at work and your ol’lady says “take a seat, lemme show you what I learnt today” clap, clap, clap, clap……

    This woman is giving women everywhere a secret to keeping a fella. Sad part is, most think they already got the goods to hold it down. Let me say, this move is like having a Ferrari in your garage. Sure there are other rides that are hot, come in handy in different situations. But odds are, your going home a winner when you pull that Rari out…..

  4. G the Intern says:

    Jezus, you ain’t neva lied….Women really need to check this out

  5. Can we all set up a skype with her?

  6. I feel like we all need more research

  7. ian m. summers says:

    What I learned: Ass clapping, unlike magic, loses nothing just because you’ve learned how it works.