Us Versus Them Tournament Challenge

We have a winner of the Us Versus Them Tournament Challenge. Long time member of Team Us, Royal took home the championship this year. He is one of the original purveyors of Code 2 Ave. He somehow made a science of the Drop a Deuce unofficial break at work. That’s right he could turn 30 minutes of breaktime into a solid 45 minutes.

So Royal, you are the proud winner of  a pet unicorn rocketship personal jetpack UvTee as soon as I get em printed up. Just so you know the last two winners were KCTheTruth who won Fantasy Football in December (and almost won the Tourney Challenge too) and Mr. Jezus who won Commenter of the Year in January (and has been making a lot of the regulars pay for it ever since). Join the club.

Thanks to everyone who played.  We won’t be running Fantasy Baseball because…you know, Baseball sucks.



  1. hit 3rd place watching nary a game. win.