Stephon Marbury Wins Championship in China…Gets Worst Tribute Ever

Stephon Marbury has had a long, weird basketball career. He was a classic NYC point guard.  He went to Point Guard U (Back in the day) AKA Georgia Tech. He rolled with KG up in Minnesota until they decided they hated each other and blew up the team. Steph turned into the highest paid player not to play when he was with the Knicks. Then he went over to China to extend his career and make some more money.

I don’t know if this is a big deal in the world of basketball, but he actually won a Championship and was the MVP.

That looks like a real celebration. Sure, the trophy looks like you are supposed to put your grandmothers ashes in, and apparently the olympics came early with those championship medals, but hey a chip is a chip I guess. So what do you get in China when you win the MVP? A Ring? A belt? A miniature version of the grandmothers urn? Nah, you get a full sized bronze statue of yourself outside of the arena.

I guess they are really focused on capturing the moment here. I guess there aren’t too many classic Starbury moments when you go with holding the championship above his head. Not to mention the fact he looks like he just won a baseball championship instead of basketball. I need another angle.

My bad. He doesn’t look like a baseball player. He looks like a high-school PE teacher. Jordan’s statue has him rising above all competition. Magic’s statue has him running the fastbreak. Steph looks like his favorite 5th grader just scored a touchdown in flag football.

I vote for a real classic Marbury moment. I’m going to pick a moment before he went to China. Like when he had a crazy ass mental breakdown over a live internet stream.

Here’s to hoping they use this pic when they do his bust for the Chinese Basketball Hall of Fame. I guess I’m glad Steph is still making money. Can’t hate on him too hard.



  1. Why did NBA TV announce that Antoine Walker retired after spending the last two years in the D League???