My (Second) Favorite Taser Video Ever

I’m a big fan of Taser videos this one is gangster as hell.

Dude takes the taser. DOESN’T drop his cigarette, and still gets in a quick “I’ll get you bitch” before he gingerly lowers himself to the ground.

Of course almost nothing can beat don’t tase me bro.

Five years later and that video is still great. Help! Help! Help! Are you kidding? Ow! Ow! Ow!



  1. that dude says:

    Ooooh I respect the classic that started it all, but DAMN this new installment is INCREDIBLE. And easily wins the catagory of most gangsta response to a tasing.

  2. If I ever go down on a taser, I’d want to go out like the brotha on top but I have a feeling that high voltage will have me acting like the original video.

  3. Mr. Jezus says:

    I tell you what, whoever “that bitch” is, is in trouble. He said that shit with conviction.

  4. LOL. Out here in Kenya we have zero exposure to how tasers work, seeing that po-po here will either “stray-bullet” shoot you in the back of the head or just jack-boot-stomp your brains into the dust and write it off as a suicide. So I have to ask this, if dude is tased while being held down by other cops, don’t they light up too?

    Oh, here’s an incident involving our riot-police, the General Service Unit (GSU) tasing an 18 year old.

    PS: No one lost their jobs.