March Madnass: We Have a Winner

The month-long adventure known as March Madnass has finally come to an end.

There were a lot of damn votes this year. I mean, there were either a lot of you clicking on those votes, or a few of you clicked a lot of times. Either way, you have declared the favorite woman of Us Versus Them and #TeamUs. She went out in the round of 32 last year, but this year she was ready to make a title run. Your winner of March Madnass 2012 is…

Jessica Biel

I can’t say I disagree, she is one of the original UvT Quality chicks from way back and the original perfect 8 on the White Girl Tail Scale. She’s still bringing the heat too.

While the video chick can always go deep in the competition. No video chick has ever won March Madnass. Maybe I’ll run Ass-clappin August for all the video chicks out there. It will be like the N.I.T. of March Madnass. Although, I might have to let Jessica into that competition too. As I think this is the shot that helped her take home the crown.

She could win Ass-Clappin August too. Someone tell Jessica Biel to hit us up and accept her award. Maybe she can get a UvTee too. As long as I’m handing out imaginary t-shirts she might as well get one too.



  1. Jessica Biel FTW! Well deserved. Funny, I’ve been wearing them imaginary t-shirts at the UvT Nairobi offices for so long that no one asks where I got them any more…

  2. and while we are toastin Miss Another-Reason-To-Hate-Justin-Timberlake, the pic with Biel in that snug black number best underlines her win. Brock, kindly include it in this post if you aint too busy studying the gif..

  3. G the Intern says:

    I can’t say I’m upset with the choice. Congrats JB! Brock, you need to get an intern to work on photoshopping a Team Us Tee on her! My early Prediction for March Madnass winner 2013…..Sofia Vegara. Given good seeding, she can win it all! Thanks for the effort man! This was another epic tournament!

    • I fully expected a more rousing support for Ass-clapping August. I guess I have to wait for Itz Dat to make his appearance. I know he is somewhere gearing up for Asian Appreciation month. (That’s right, I’m putting it on you early, just like you did with March Madnass).

  4. Mr. Jezus says:

    @ G

    That is a solid offering right there. But know before hand, if I don’t submit her, she ain’t winning.



  5. YaAverageGuy says:

    I support Ass-clapping August . That is all.

  6. Mr. Jezus says:

    @ Brock

    I dropped a quick post earlier, but I actually LOL’d at “Ass-clappin August”. I didn’t address it because it’s it felt like I just had a buffet of filet, then you walk in talking bout, tomorrow it’s all you can eat chicken! That said I support the contest of course:

    The sweeper song: Ms. Moogoo!

  7. Mr. Jezus says:
  8. @ Godson

    That is THE VERY 1. The waist to tail ratio in that pic reminds one of that wine into water mess you were involved in awhile back. Thanks.

  9. sweetsexy says:

    while i did vote for her i must say the only thing i noticed about the above pics is that in pic one she looks high and has a booger in her nose she wasnt my number one choice for the voting but the majority loved her so congrats

  10. /approved.

  11. @ sweetsexy

    Thanks for ruining a perfectly good pic. I have just realised that when it comes to Biel I dont look up her sinuses for sum reason..

    • I almost didn’t run the pic because of too much angle up the nose. I have to admit I hesitated. But I had to get a pic of her face. She definitely looks like she’s on the booger sugar though.

  12. and there’s no aforementioned booger!

  13. Mr. Jezus says:

    If she’s on the booger sugar and rocking them curves, all you regular heauxs need to chop some lines up!

  14. BROCK IS RIGHT says:

    come on brock that ugly horse faced witch cant be marcvh madnASS
    her ass is flappy and unfirm
    and ass has to be firm and her ass is just looking old

    what about teh ass of that girl rihanna? if you aks me madnass january to december goes to riri